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One of the finest hardcore porn sites to enjoy if you are up for some raunchy vehicular fuck session, TakeVan seems to have the right idea when it comes to picking up girls from the streets of Czech Republic and fucking them inside their vans. The theme of the site seems to circle around reality porn and hardcore sex altogether, using the same niches, as well.

Launched in December 2015, the site is under the management of Easy X Cash. It belongs to a rather popular network and it has been growing a lot since its debut. TakeVan will take you to the busy streets of Czech where you will find our men eyeing ladies and possible prospects to the already brewing sexual concoctions in their minds. As such, the scenes are hardcore and you basically get a lot of things in here besides the usual screwing.

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Design and Features

TakeVan is not very huge, but the site has been growing at a good pace now that they are back on track and have scheduled one video added per two weeks. It seems rather slow but at least the updates are consistent and the site’s growth has been going considerably well. The site’s design is not much but with its simplicity, you get to look at the bigger picture and concentrate more on the content of the site rather than its design. Plus, the navigation in here is pretty much a walk in the park. The user and site interface are quite straightforward and convenient. The site is arranged in an organized manner and overall, TakeVan is just really well kept. The features they have in here are adequate and you have so many things to look forward to in here. The links are easily found on the topmost part of the page and those links are just what you need to get yourself through here.

Also, the browsing is easy because you get more than one option to sort out and search for your content. You can use the advanced search bar or you can use the pagination link to scour a little freely. You may also sort out the videos using the content tags, the dates, the titles, the ratings, and the number of views the site has. Moving on, you will notice that the main page is usually where you will find the latest uploaded scenes. From there you can catch a drift of what to expect when you read the description given. More so, you will have more things to look forward to when you catch a glimpse of that naughty write-up.

The site has no favorites section but you can comment on the scenes and rate them. Other people can find this helpful, too. Aside from that, TakeVan does not support any photo galleries at this point but you do get plenty of beautifully captured video caps in great quality. There also seems to be no bonuses at the moment but that is because TakeVan is particularly new. The site is full of potential and given a few months, this site is sure to grow and go big.

Girls and Videos

TakeVan is all about picking up girls and fucking them in the back part of the van. This is all about some guys eyeing potential girls to fuck in the busy streets of some city in the Czech Republic. These fresh-faced ladies are all speaking in their native tongue but you can understand them because subtitles are provided – something really good because only a few porn sites do this. Moving on, as the guys pick up these girls, it comes as a surprise that the ladies do not mind the naughty offer and are actually pretty game themselves. It all results in some kinky fuck session at the back of a dark-colored van parked in the middle of nowhere or even on the busy side of the street. Sure, it may be staged and the actresses are merely amateurs with good talent, but you cannot help but be enticed by this amazing work.

You can either stream the videos or download them. You can also do both at the same time. Either way, you get the same high definition quality. Streaming can be done in your browser so make sure your Flash player has been recently updated. Also, downloading will let you save the files in either mp4 or wmv format. All the resolutions the site offers does not go below 1280 x 720 pixel resolution so you get the good stuff in here. All the scenes here are exclusive and there is a download limit of ten videos per day, which is not really bad.


TakeVan is something that I would prefer to watch all day, every day because of its plot and quality. Also, there are just so many things that will pump the heck out of that cock in here. So to say, the action here is pretty hardcore and really raunchy, plus the fact that it is raw in all aspects. It comes in amazing high definition so all the details are right there in front of you, crisp and clear. The updates are going really great by far, and they have managed to score some bonus archives to offer their audience.

The site has been growing rather well over the past few months and in little to no time, this particular porn site would top a lot of lists, particularly on the hardcore part of the industry. The plot seems nicely written and the acting is nothing unnatural. Also, you benefit a lot being a member of the site. Overall, TakeVan is definitely something worth checking out especially if you enjoy watching this kind of porn.

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