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If you have been watching porn for a long time you will certainly have started to get bored of the vanilla videos that most porn sites are churning out these days. This is a problem that is endemic to the porn industry in general, and it results in most people that are into any kinds of kinks to end up feeling quite frustrated. This is because pretty much all kinks are treated like some kind of niche genre, and as a result most websites end up charging way too much money for access to these sites. This means that most average people will simply not be able to afford access to a site that offers genuinely good kink porn. This may result in you feeling like there is no hope for you, that you will never find the kinky porn that you genuinely want to watch. However, there is a site out there that offers truly kinky porn while at the same time not being far too expensive for you to handle.

This site is called FuckingHardcore, and from the name itself you will be able to get an idea about just how serious this site is. The creators of this site clearly had a single goal in mind: to create a home for all of the kinky people of the world to come and, well, cum. The site offers you the greatest of hardcore kinks such as domination and submission, BDSM, spanking, double penetration into asses and pussies, hardcore blowjobs, monster cocks, having sex in public, and threesomes, both lesbian and heterosexual.

In order to ascertain whether this site is truly good or not, and whether it deserves you spending your hard earned money on it, two of the most important aspects of the site have been discussed below. The first of these two aspects is the layout of the site, and the second of these two aspects is the video content and the girls that are present within them.

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Design and Features

The design of a website is really critical, because it can have a huge impact on your overall experience regarding the porn that you are watching. The color scheme, in particular, is one aspect of a porn site that most people just don’t give enough importance to, but this color scheme goes on to create the overall ambience of the site. A good ambience can make you enjoy a lot more the porn that you are watching because it will get you in the mood quite quickly. The ambience of FuckingHardcore lives up to the name of the site. Shades of black and grey accentuated by red make for a very superb color scheme. This color scheme is almost subtle, and this is just the type of emotion that you want to be feeling when you are going through porn that is meant to be on a hardcore website. The color scheme also facilitates a very dark ambience, and when you are surfing one of the kinkiest websites on the internet you are certainly going to want to be a part of this sort of ambience for sure.

The layout of the site is also of a very high quality because the videos present on the home page in particular are spread out so that you can look at each one of them properly instead of being bombarded with videos as you would be on pretty much every porn site out there. You are given a high quality thumbnail to look at as well as the details regarding the porn video that will help you decide whether you want to watch it or not. This is a great initiative on the part of FuckingHardcore, and this sets it apart from pretty much every other website that’s out there.

Girls and Videos

The girls that you watch in porn need to be sexy, there is no doubt about it. But what exactly is sexy? Physical attractiveness is obviously required here, but pretty much every porn star out there is going to be good looking. However, just because a porn star is good looking does not necessarily mean that she will perform well in the sort of porn that FuckingHardcore is offering. You need a different type of girl, a girl that knows how to play the role that she has been given. When you watch a girl gangbanged by four guys in a porn video, you are going to want her to be really gangbanged. This means that she is going to have to have a genuine understanding of what gangbang means, and she is going to have to get some kind of kick out of it as well. You would actually expect her to enjoy being gangbanged in her holes by four guys. This obviously includes her asshole, pussy and her mouth, where she takes turns sucking to rock hard cocks till she is dripping wet with cum.

It is to FuckingHardcore’s credit that they did not just hire a few pretty faces with nice tits to pretend like they know how to be gangbanged. They hired the right girls for the right roles, girls that actually are into the kinks that they are performing. This elevates the quality of the porn and results in a much more genuine and realistic experience. This coupled with the ambience that the color scheme provides results in one of the best porn experiences that you will be able to find on the internet. Overall, the porn on this site is top notch, and is worth your hard earned money for sure. You can also be sure about the other kinks that FuckingHardcore has presented in its website. Of course, the details of the various niches that FuckingHardcore provides have already been identified in the overview.


There is one final reason that should convince you that this is a site worth subscribing to. When you start subscribing to the site, you will see three options. The first option is for a monthly subscription which is going to seem very cheap indeed. However, you can get thirty percent off by subscribing for three months in advance. And if you go for six months, you are going to get a whopping seventy percent off. If you are still uncertain, there is a so cheap it’s free trial option available also so that you can see for yourself. Pay for the ambience, but more importantly, for the sluts who have it in them to show that they are the kinkiest sluts on the planet and can do anything to bring out their kinky side.

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