Have you ever dreamed of becoming a model? Who wouldn’t want to become a model? They live very glamorous and extravagant lifestyles. They are treated as celebrities everywhere they go. They also go to the most exclusive parties which are only available to the rich and famous. They also get a very high salary for just being good looking. Yes, the life of a model is good. But there are numerous challenges that go along with it. Getting into the modelling business is especially hard, because of competition and politics. But for sure, those aspiring models are all very sexy and good looking. And if you want to see those people do just about anything, and by anything I mean sex, to achieve their dream, then you will have the time of your life in FemaleAgent. Male or female models, it doesn’t matter. She will get them to have sex with her one hundred percent of the time! That is how desperate those aspiring models are. The agent doesn’t actually have a job for them, she just want someone to lick her pussy and a cock to suck on.

Design and features

Upon entering the website, you will immediately be greeted with numerous videos arranged from the most recently to the least recently uploaded. There are literally hundreds of them on the homepage, so you will definitely have a hard time choosing which one to watch. And if you are still unsure of which video to watch, you can watch trailers instead of the full-length video clip so that you can narrow down which video looks the best to you. But I assure you that all of the videos on the website looks really good. Furthermore, being a part of FemaleAgent will also make you a part of FakeHub. What does that mean? It means that you will also gain access to all of the websites that are a part of FakeHub. Some of them are FakeAgent, FakeHospital, and FakeTaxi, to name a few. So being a member of FemaleAgent will grant you with so much versatility.

Girls and videos

First off, the most important character in the series is the female agent herself. Just from looking at her you are sure to end up with the conclusion that things are going to get good and interesting. The female agent alone has a very pretty face and a smoking hot body. And when you take one hot body and another hot body and make them have sex, the results are absolute explosive! The female agent is so horny that she will employ all sorts of mind games in order for the aspiring models to have sex with her. It seems like she has mastered how to trick the human mind into doing whatever the hell she pleases. Either that or the models are just really desperate. She will first examine the beautiful body of all the models that come to her. Then the best part: she will then make the models do all of her bidding for her. May it be male or female, if she wants someone to lick her pussy, then her pussy will be licked almost instantaneously. If she’s the one who wants to lick pussy, then those aspiring female models will open their legs wide open and have their pussy licked. If she wants to suck on cock, then those aspiring male models will let their pants down and she will get to work. You can tell that she has done this numerous times because she knows how to lick pussy and to suck cock. Man! the pussies of those models look so nice that you would wish that you had her job. She will make those women orgasm using her tongue as she licks their clitoris non-stop. She will then stick her tongue inside their vaginas and move it inside-out. The asses of those models will also not be spared because she will lick that clean as well. And once the models’ vagina is nice and slippery, she will then employ various sex toys to insert into that dripping wet pussy. You will be able to witness how she inserts a very big dildo into that cramped pink snatch. Even better, the dildo she is using is no ordinary dildo. It is also a vibrator at the same time. Those models will scream in absolute ecstasy as their pleasure holes are played around with. You might also think that one-on-one action is the only type of action on the website. But in truth, you will be able to see threesomes as well! Sometimes two models come in at the same time to be interviewed. Sometimes two women, sometimes a man and a woman. And using her skillful tongue once again, she persuades the both of them into having sex with her. There are hundreds of those types of videos on the website. So you will never run out of videos. And you will also be able to enjoy them always in high definition quality. All of the videos you will see are shot in absolute clarity.


Models live a very glamorous and extravagant life. And as such, many people want to be models. But being a model is very hard, and a lot of effort is needed in order to be able to get ahead. That is why they will do just about anything to achieve their dreams. And FemaleAgent is the perfect place to see aspiring models doing just about anything that is asked of them. And by doing anything, I mean that they will lick the pussy or offer their cocks to be sucked or be fucked by the female agent that is interviewing them. No one can escape the clutches of the female agent. All you can do is submit.

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