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Each video is shot in HD. You can automatically screen it anywhere (well not anywhere, but anywhere within reason, you sick bastard) and what’s nice about the screening is that it’s fluid; meaning yes, fluids are flying everywhere in the passionate embraces on screen but fluid as in continuous. As in you won’t have to wait for the videos to buffer. Once you click download or play, there it is- No problems, no pants. Out in the open.

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VideosZ has a gigantic selection of porn. 15,130 DVD’s, 88,815 videos, 11,549 porn stars, and innumerable hot girls streaming to you live via their webcams. Surely, you can’t get historical fiction porn or Sci-Fi porn, perhaps a little paranormal romance porn, finished off with a graphic (and we do mean graphic, oh baby!) novel porn. I guess it’s a cousin of the first. Now we’re just arguing semantics. Anyways, you won’t be disappointed. VideosZ perhaps has too much content. Which is good. We all love the gift that keeps on giving. And there’s no shortage- Cum swapping, foot fetish, Dracula’s harem… it’s all there.


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