One guy, one porn-star, one night. This is TonightsGirlfriend, one of the best porn pay sites for HD porn video lovers, included in Naughty America network. Tonight’s Girlfriend features one married man. He’s not getting the love he needs at home, so he does the only thing he feels like he can to get what he wants and still be committed to his wife, emotionless, unattached sex with a drop-dead gorgeous prostitute. He hires these women to be his girlfriend for the night and fulfill all of his sexual fantasies.

Hey, if your car needs some attention, you take it to a professional, when the electrical work in your house needs attention, you call a professional, so when your penis needs some attention, why not call a professional? This guy gets these ladies for one night, and he’s going to get them to do everything he wants.

Tonight's Girlfriend review

Design and Features

The first page you are greeted with when you go to the website is a page full of thumbnail pictures of about 30 of the most recent girlfriend videos. From here you can choose for the videos to be displayed by girlfriend, or by fantasy. Fantasy? Yes fantasy, I told you, this guy gets these ladies to do everything he says.

The fantasy section is broken down into; Role-play, tonight they are anyone but themselves, submissive, tonight she is his property and she is going to follow his every command, kinky, whips, chains, handcuffs, anal, toys, nothing is off limits in this category, Dominating, just this once he is going to let the women control him, and Vanilla, no frills here, just sex with a really hot porn star, nothing wrong with that at all.

Girls and Videos

The site allows you to watch 3 previews without being a member. They have a special going right now which lets you get your first month of access for only $5. This special is available only to those who pay with a credit card. The site lets you pay for membership with a credit card, personal check, or even with Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin is a different currency, it has an exchange rate just like any other currency, so its prices are a little different, but we’ll talk about that later. In addition to the $5 for the first month special that I mentioned earlier, this site has great prices for membership. If you just want a 3-day trial, that will only cost you $1.95. Or you can get a one week trial for only $4.95. When you’re ready to access the whole site and see everything that Tonight’s Girlfriend has to offer, you can get a 1 month subscription for only $24.95. If a month just won’t do, you can get a 1 year subscription for only $95.40. Those were the prices for if you’re paying with a credit card or personal check. They also accept Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is a different currency like the British Pound of Japanese Yen, so membership prices are different. A 1 month subscription for Tonight’s Girlfriend using Bitcoin is 29.95, and a one year subscription is 119.95.

When you become a member of Tonight’s Girlfriend, you also become a member of the whole Naughty America network of sites. Naughty America has a total of 39 sites in its network. One of the other sites that you get access to when you join Tonight’s Girlfriend is SoCalco-eds. This site is full of beautiful co-eds, all from The Golden State. These amateur girls love cock, and they want to show you exactly how much. Whether it’s in their dorm room, one of the communal showers, or even in the classroom, these girls are cock-hungry, and they always find a guy to give them exactly what they want.

Another xxx site in the network is IHaveAWife. On here, guys with wives meet women that couldn’t care less about their marital status, because they want these guys, and they’re not going to take no for an answer. These sexy ladies get these guys alone, get everything they want from them, and give them everything that their wives aren’t. Follow these guys as they say to hell with matrimony and indulge in all of their sexual fantasies with their forbidden loves. Let’s be honest, being a nanny is a thank-less job. They change diapers, cook meals, pretty much raise children that aren’t their own, and as soon as the children are old enough to take care of themselves, the nannies are just tossed out like they never meant anything to the family.

Well it’s finally time for the nanny to get the thanks she deserves. When the wives are away, the nannies will play. These nannies get a little something extra, or should I say a big something extra, to compensate for their less than adequate salaries. Or, if big asses is what you’re into, just go to AssMasterpiece. These asses are works of art worthy of Michelangelo himself. Once you become a member, you can instantly stream or download any video from any of these sites, or any in the rest of the sites in the Naughty America Network.


Naughty America was voted The Best Studio Site in 2013. That’s a great title, so let’s find out why they received such acclaim. Maybe it’s because of the thousands of videos that they have among all their sites, and their commitment to multiple daily updates. That could be it, but I think there’s more to it than that. Maybe it’s the fact that that all of their videos can be streamed or downloaded in high quality HD.

Or maybe it’s because all the sites in Naughty America network work with all smart phones and tablets. It could be any one of these reasons, but it’s probably a combination of all of them. Many payment options and industry recognition, Tonight’s Girlfriend and Naughty America are definitely worth taking a look at. Maybe even 2 or 3 looks.

  • $1.95/3 Days Trial
  • $24.95/1 Month Membership
  • $95.40/ 1 Year Membership
  • Tonight’s Girlfriend Mobile
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