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Most men enjoy full-figured women. Me? I enjoy my women tiny. The kind of girls you scrape off your window shield with a spatula. The kind of girls who buy saddles to ride the family hamster. And I especially love them when they’re naked. I mean the girls, not the hamsters. I could go on and on. And I know there are men out there like me who love rodent sized girls. Men who will pay for quality porn. Listen up, boys and possibly girls: it’s your lucky day. For all fun-size connoisseurs, Tiny4k is your dream come true. It is one of the best paid porn sites to find cute girls. Tiny4k is devoted exclusively to girls under 100lbs getting impaled by gargantuan penises that could stop traffic in Tokyo. Though there aren’t that many teasers to titillate you, the ones that are available are worth checking out. Here’s a breakdown of the site. Each a standalone reason to become a member of Tiny4k, a great porn website part ok PornPros Network.

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Design and Features

The good news is that all videos are filmed in 4k Ultra HD. Hence the addendum 4k in the site name, for those of you beating off too frantically to notice minor details. The cinematography in these videos is outstanding. Absolutely stellar. You can tell that the producers, directors, and film crew care about delivering the highest quality product to its paying customers. These videos rival the works of Fellini, Bergman, and Kubrick. In intensity, depth, contemplation, and the mortality of man’s member. Its emotional delivery will leave you breathless and throbbing for more.

Watch as the camera slowly cuts away from her face. The heated romance blossoms into a beautiful showing of love as she takes all nine million inches of his hard manhood in her mouse hole. Then the closeup of him cumming all over her face and her lapping it off with enthusiasm usually reserved for lapping runny frozen yogurt off a blouse. But then she swallows all of it and looks at the camera. It’s almost like she’s looking directly at you. Just five minutes ago, you were beating off and living vicariously through the man pounding her in her bunk bed and imagining what it would be like to be with a girl like her. And now suddenly, it’s like she’s yours! If that isn’t quality, I don’t know what is.

Girls and Videos

Now a slight caveat; the content isn’t much to play around with. There are about twenty-five to thirty porn videos; teasers if you will, a sample of things to come (Get it? I said come in a review about porn). But don’t let that put you off. Most of the porn videos follow a similar format: Here’s a mousy little girl. Petite and compact…some of them short and buxom, and boy oh boy do they want it bad. What a bunch of naughty girls they’ve been. Someone needs to punish them. Unfortunately, it isn’t you.

That’s why you’re reading this and why you’re a paid member of Tiny4k. But again, you can pretend it’s you. That’s part of the fun and glory of porn. The men come in and proceed to pummel these girls into submission As well as every position. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a petite girl upside down with a man holding her legs and flicking his tongue in and out of her asshole. Tiny4k wants you to live so it provides you with such videos. And for the girls, yeah stop hiding I know you’re there, there are a few lesbian teasers. Until the gross guy comes in with his sleek, toned body and retarded IQ. But you get what you pay for. So pay for it and you won’t see the stuff you don’t want to see.


The site is easy to navigate. Not like some of those impossibly difficult sites that remind you of all the times you tried to locate Li Chin in a Chinese phone book. It’s pretty straightforward. At the top are all of your options- Scenes, Girls, Top-Rated, and of course the Member Login if you do choose to become a member. Which I’m sure you will as I’m a brilliant and persuasive writer.

The design and layout are cute and modern looking. They promote a very welcoming atmosphere and lend a certain ambiance to an otherwise depressing scene where some of the girls realize the poor choices they’ve made along the way to porn superstardom. Lastly, this is the perfect porn site for those who are not adventurous in sex. This is the perfect site for those who love a certain niche. This niche being tiny girls who like being impaled and spun around like a potter’s wheel. A heartwarming video the whole family can get behind.

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