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Spizoo is one of the best paid porn sites you’ll find anywhere on the internet. It bills itself as World Class Adult Entertainment and it doesn’t fail in living up to its name. Not only does it feature live porn videos but it also contains over a hundred porn stars and over a thousand full sex videos. And with such a wide variety of videos you’ll never grow tired. Or should I say, your respective hand will never grow tired. How could it? There’s everything you want. Girls taking it up the ass, girls taking it in the mouth, girls stuffing other girls’ asses with toys and fists and devices that look like shy robots. I would rename the slogan and title it “Spizoo Is For You!” Or, “Spizoo Up the Wazoo!”

Design and Features

These are some of the highest quality porn videos I’ve ever seen. They’re lusciously filmed in Full HD Wide Screen; each video at 1080P HD. What I like about Spizoo’s videos is that they’re not depressing videos. The kind of videos where the woman just lies there like a piece of drift wood and the man walks towards her like he’s facing a firing squad. I’m a vibrant, happy person. So I dislike these videos very much. They bring me down.

Spizoo however matches my spirit. And the very essence of who I am as a human being. All of the videos are quirky and colorful and playful and dare I say, cute. The Intimate Lesbians channel is my personal favorite. It’s the most colorful, it feeds my soul and you should definitely check it out, i consider this one the best lesbian porn pay site.

Some of Spizoo’s contents were briefly covered above. But let’s go more in depth. As I mentioned before, the content is vast. One big megalith of pleasure. There are so many channels to pick from. There are more girls doing more things than you can imagine. I wouldn’t call it voyeuristic, more Choose Your Own Adventure. By that I mean, you literally are the master of your desires. Like strippers? Who the hell doesn’t, right?! There’s a Stripper Experience channel. Like blond girls and only blond girls? Then the First Class Experience is for you. And so on and so forth. You can find any girl doing any thing that gets you hot. Within reason, of course. But this is porn. Use your imagination but remember how limited in scope it is, alright? That’s not all. When you become a member of Spizoo, not only are you a member of Spizoo but membership includes several bonus sites to raise your boner up from half mast to all the way up. There are 13 sites ranging from Porn Star Tease (No bullying, that’s not nice) to Johnny Castle Unleashed (I’m guessing he’s some kind of warlock summoned to power by ancient mysterious forces that all have something to do with the female anatomy).

Girls and Videos

The site is very well designed. It’s easy to navigate. It’s as if the brilliant minds of Spizoo scrutinized all the other porn sites, saw how difficult they were to get around, and decided then and there that Spizoo was going to be nothing like those complicated sites. It’s a very neat website, too. You’ll love the clean, titanium like design almost as much as the clean, titanium toys the lesbians stuff into each other. And as mentioned before, there are over a hundred porn stars and over a thousand full porn┬ávideos. Those 13 sites previously mentioned are also a huge incentive to sign up. And they’re free. Totally, positively, absolutely free. Lastly, the feature I think is the most innovative and one I haven’t seen anywhere else- The Latest News column.

It’s updated fairly frequently so you’ll always be in the know. This is a porn lover’s dream. Admit it, you love porn. So take advantage of this amazing deal. It’s the greatest walking dream you’ll ever experience. Tell your friends, too. Friends love friends who recommend sites with women defiling themselves for a lowly wage. And friends especially love women who will wake up daily with a sense of regret later in life. Much later in life. But you? Don’t worry about it. Have a good time participating in their exploitation. This is for you.

I’ve looked around Spizoo to see if there is anything I don’t like. If there is anything that could be better or is better or isn’t better than the rest of the features on the site. And honestly, I couldn’t find anything. Spizoo gets the highest satisfaction rating from me. 100/100. It really is something special. You definitely want to be a part of it.


One of the cooler, more unusual features is Spizoo’s Trade In Gift Card program. You can take any unused gift card. There’s a Starbucks gift card on your counter. You can see it. You’ve told your mom a million times how much you hate Starbucks and that you’ve never drank a cup of coffee in your entire life. But she doesn’t listen and she keeps buying you the cards.There isn’t anyone to give it to. So it keeps accumulating until you have a stack of the damn things that rises up higher than the highest earthquake proof building. Guess what? You can cash them into Spizoo and get a membership. The regular membership rates aren’t that bad. This is one of the highest quality, lowest cost porn sites I’ve seen. If not the highest quality, lowest cost site. Once again, Spizoo is the place to be. You won’t be sorry.

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