Solo Interview

What’s In There Anyway

Well the word solo kind of tips it all off doesn’t it? Yep, that’s what it’s all about, girls playing with themselves in the hopes of hitting solitary pleasure that beats the last time they did it. Truthfully, it is quite a thrill to watch a youngster learn about herself and her delightful miniscule man in a boat, as many have always called the clit. They do learn a terrific amount of knowledge playing with themselves, for they are at the same time learning how to fantasize. Fantasy plays a terrific role in making anyone cum, be they male or female, but when you are a youngster, it is exceedingly important as you will utilize said fantasies for the rest of your life. Not only do this people learn how to deal with their fantasies, they are learning how to tie the physical feelings with their mental pictures. For instance, the youngster who is picturing an attentive lover in her mind, needs to see him bending his neck to reach her nipple and taking it into his mouth to lick, kiss and worry at the same time as her other hand, the one not busy with her nether regions, comes up and worries her own nipple. It is all in making it all work at the same time, of course. The man or woman who has played with themselves for years, already has the scenario all built up in their minds, and they know to make their other hand respond at the right time in order to feel the most pleasure. The experience of playing with oneself has been honed to the point where it is probably predictable by now, in fact most of us have a favorite fantasy that runs in our minds over and over again. It is strange that we never tire of it once it is found, but to these neophytes everything is brand new. Watch a girl’s eyes, and when she closes her eyes you will know that the “inner movie” has begun, and thus the denouement is going to arrive rather soon. It is interesting too, that the movements of her hand in rubbing her clit has also changed the very moment her eyes close. Yes, we are indeed creatures of habit, even in how we play with ourselves.


As Personal as It Gets

Listening to these fresh chicks talking about what they like and don’t like sexually is quite an eye opener. Where one would think that they have no experience thus cannot speak in depth on the subject, we are instead rather shocked when we hear all about it. The girls are also very glib about what they like, and what they have learned from boys so it is to say the least quite interesting! Must confess too that some of their fantasies are also very interesting, and actually made me begin to fantasize as well. But, that’s part of what this site does to a person, it pulls you into their words, and thus into their fantasies. At first we were not very happy about the cameraman being the one to ask the girls questions about their fantasies and such, but then we began to relax ourselves only because the girls seemed to accept easily him and his personal questions. After a while, we were not even aware of his being there at all. We began to look really forward to the questions such as when they lost their virginity, and if they enjoyed it or not. When he hits the jackpot, he makes the girl go deeper into whatever she is telling him, just as we would ourselves if we were the ones interviewing her. Some of what the girls reveal will make you incredibly hard as you begin to imagine yourself being there with her allowing herself to fulfill her fantasies with you!

Sometimes It’s the Physical

It is not always the fantasy that gets us going either, there are times it is what the girl is doing to herself physically. This is especially true if she is using a dildo and she is shoving it in and out of her lovely pink snatch, or playing with her asshole with it. That is when we go into orbit ourselves, because it’s the physical side of it all, and we have the experience and know what the physical side feels like. One of the portions of this site that we really appreciated is the fact that it’s obvious that the pussies of each of these girls is not very used up yet. The proof is the fact that they have a good degree of difficulty shoving their fingers inside them, and definitely have a hard time dealing with a hard dildo. That part is definitely cool as beans! They manage to relax enough for us to enjoy them even though they are being asked rather embarrassing questions.

The Who’s Who

The who’s who here are the fine folks at Team Skeet which is a well respected porn network, and they are the ones responsible for bringing you Solo Interviews. They are the owners of many great sites on the Internet such as This Girl Sucks, Step Siblings, The Real Workout, Innocent High, and POV Life. The cool thing is that you will receive the right to go to all of their sites which number 21 when you sign up for Solo Interviews. Getting 21 sites for the price of one is nothing to sneeze at, and it won’t cost much either. You see they can offer you a 2 day trial for just a taste of Team Skeet for only $1. Then if you desire there’s a one month membership for just $28.97/month, or 3 month pass for just $16.62/month, or a year’s membership which will reduce your monthly cost down to merely $7.98.

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Solo Interview
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