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We Had an Inkling

To be completely honest with you, the first time we came across the title of this site, we simply just knew what it was going to be all about, and unless you were born yesterday, bet you could figure it all out yourselves. Just the word cups elicit a picture of a large bra in our own minds, and thus we know that this site is going to be all about large, perhaps humongous tatas. Of course we were 100% correct, and truly we never had any doubts that this is what the site was going to be about.

Large tatas are probably one of the favorite things that men like to see, and if ever you watch a woman with large breasts walking down the street, it is exceedingly common for guys to stop and stare as she walks by. It’s just how men are made, you can’t blame us, we were trained to be attracted to big boobs, and it is built directly into our genes. A guy has to be gay to not stare at large breasts even in mixed company and even though many wives try to change their males, it really does not work, as even if facing the wrath of their woman the guys still want to stare at big breasts. If you are a woman and you catch your hubby looking at a girl with large mammary glands, don’t get upset, it’s a natural thing for him to do that, and it’s all in the cause of the preservation of the species. You would not wish to unbalance the preservation of the species, now would you?

So, this site is going to be very pleasing to those guys who like to see oversized breasts. It is interesting how this particular site came about. You see there were some guys who had been getting porn for most of their adult lives and they only found some very non-stimulating porn to look at. They grew tired of seeing fake breasts, or breasts that were all marked up with strange symbols and tattoos. Some of the fake breasts were actually misshapen and often looked so fake as to completely turn them off. If you are a breast lover, you may have gone through this. Thus, they decided to form their own company and that was the birth of this very site, as well as a collection of websites that are now bearing the name of the Perfect Gonzo.
Now gonzo porn is a type of porn, which used to be described as absolute hardcore porn, and it signified cheap porn so that the actors were poor actors, they wore cheap costumes and the quality of the porn in general was exceedingly poor indeed. Today gonzo porn has almost totally lost any meaning, although many companies who make porn now seem to say that gonzo porn is point of view porn, which enables the viewer to feel as if they are in the middle of the action. We mention all of this solely to educate the reader with regard to the meaning of gonzo in case they wondered.


Back to What is Available In Prime Cups

The site is watched over by the creators of the site. They thus only take the hottest girls who have natural tits. This is why there are hardly any fake lips, fake breasts and tattoos on their girls. Imagine now that they actually hand pick all of these girls, and they take enormous care to dress them all in the sexiest of clothes. In order to maintain quality they also use the very best HD photo and video equipment. So, as you read all of this you will understand why the girls look so great, and why this is such a high quality site. When you watch the girls you will find that they are themselves of the highest quality. Someone once described it as the “princess” syndrome, and what they meant by that is that they walk, move and act as if they were titled princesses, much like Princess Grace of Monaco used to present herself.

Prime Cups Uses Prime Models

One of the things that make this site stand out is the use of truly prime models. As stated they are of the highest quality of models. For instance some of the great models that you will see on this site are Kendra Star, Stella Cox, Sensual Jane, Kyra Hot and also Juliana. Each of these models is terribly sensuous and has the most wondrous of breasts. Take Sensual Jane for instance, now there is a gal with melon-sized natural boobs. Guys who star with her are taken with her tits, and go into the house of boob worship. Now good ‘ole Kyra Hot can only be described as a tit wiggler and jiggler. What she does with her magnificent rack will positively leave you breathless.

Let Us Assume You Are Ready to Join

When you join you will be allowed to view and have full access to the 10 original sites that Perfect Gonzo has. That includes sites such as All Internal, Ass Traffic, Give Me Pink, and Pure POV as well a site called Flush that is guaranteed to make you almost swoon. As soon as you do join Prime Cups, you will be receiving a grand total of two brand new movies per week from Perfect Gonzo. Many are absolutely amazed that as soon as they are members of Prime Cups, they can actually watch movies instantly. Also, they are shocked that all the HD movies are Android, iOS, iPad, and iPhone compatible so that they can bring this amazing porn anywhere they choose at any time.

So The Low Cost Is

Many cannot believe that you get all that stuff above for only $2.95 for a 3 day trial access, $29.95 for a monthly membership, $69.95 for a 3 month membership, or only $16.66 per month for a 6 month membership.

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Prime Cups