The NylonDivas provides the visitors with a large and also growing collection of porn videos which feature not just heavy sex, but also covers a range of fetishes. As you have already depicted from the name, this site is a good choice for those who like to watch women bending over and showing their pussy and ass-hole, while they wear sexy stockings and other pieces of lingerie. Here you will find two, no, three major niches covered: stockings-fetish, leg-worshipping and heavy hardcore sex. The professional stars in the videos are performing to the limit, and they let the fetishists to live out their fantasies as they play with their boners while watching the scenes. The site covers a lot, and the collection is large enough to keep any porn lover busy, and though the main niches shall satisfy only those who are really into these kinds of things, in the light of the fact that there is also very juicy sex going on, every porn-enthusiast will find something nice to watch. When you land on the site, you will see that the design maybe a bit weird, but the sex happening in the scenes is really exciting, and the look of the girls ranges from average to the real busty cunts. Another main feature that you will also notice is that in a row located in the central area of the site there is a list of DVDs, and the site also claims that it’s all added only on this month, and it promises more to come each month. That is being the case it’s quite safe to assume that there are lots of waiting for you inside. Apart from these full DVDs, which are running usually for more than an hour, you get a network-wide pass too. The NylonDivas is part of the FetishPack, which is a rather old (more than ten years old) porn-site family, which provides the eager visitors with everything that is considered to be heavy hardcore, kinky, weird or even taboo. All sites within the network are focusing on different kinds of fetishes and other not-too kind elements, like BDSM, and female dominancy over the men. When you start exploring the sites included in your membership you must brace yourself for a rough tour, because there are no taboos in this network, and you will find things that are very mean to do, like letting a candle melt on a guy’s cock, you feel it too, don’t you? Well, the BrutalCBT is possibly the hardest site of the network, you should only check if you have strong nerves or you are into this kind of thing. There is one major question that hasn’t been answered yet, and that’s the matter of exclusivity. That’s true that the many of the videos weren’t published online until they weren’t added to the site, but most of the scenes (and the full movies) are coming from DVDs that were available in stores prior they were uploaded. In the light of this fact, the online exclusivity of the scene is certain, but if you look at the big picture, you may find it that the overall level of uniqueness is low.

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Design & Features

The site is easy to use. The tour is easy to finish: you can watch a trailer and some juicy pictures around the site. Inside the members’ zone, you may find that the site has a nice build and easy-to-use layout. You can use the main menu (located on the left, after you login) to reach the videos, pictures and the bonus content too. To narrow down the list of the movies, you can search through the database with a keyword-focused search. When you open up a video, you are granted two options: watch online or download. After choosing the scene, you land on the page where you will see the large player window, and hitting the Play button will start the stream. You can set the quality of the Flash-video. The download options are varied; there are WMV files, 3GP and MP4 formats available, and you have the chance to choose a quality you wish to get. Any of the movies is published with a gallery of screen captions, though if you want higher quality pictures, you could check the lonely sets, which doesn’t have videos. NylonDivas is accessible with mobile devices too.

Girls & Videos

The sex happening in the scenes is plain hardcore porn, featuring anal and vaginal sex, double penetration, deepthroat, monstercocks and even interracial sex. These only represent the top of the iceberg, there are a lot more to come, and if you start watching the videos, you will get the picture too. The sex is exciting, and those who made the videos knew that they want to make the nylon- and leg-worshippers happy, and thus they shot the scenes to be totally satisfying for them too. Every movie is scripted, and while others are going straight to the sex, there are some that tell a story, or at least have short dialogues. The collection of the site grows, and as the newer scenes are added so increases the number of unique girl, providing the viewer with a really diverse model collection that covers all hot topics. Currently, the NylonDivas offers more than 350 movies to the members, and it seems to grow in a steady pace, though there might be some gaps between two additions, there is enough content to keep you busy.

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