At some point in our highschool life, where libido and hormones are on a quite a rage, we start to appreciate body features and blossoming humps of our female classmates. Female teachers are no exception especially the ones whom you think are sexy enough to wear those tight and knee high skirts. Man, I remember 2 of my teachers when I was in 6th grade where they usually cross their legs when they sit and I think I was the only one who saw what color of undies they wore for that day. I even saw one of them wore a g-string. (No wonder there are no panty lines). Sexy teachers being fucked are just one of my many fetishes and I bet most of us do. As for me, I prefer Japanese teacher type of sex for this niche. They’ve got this pleasing attitude and a bit of innocence in them if you get to see a video or two of this type. Since I can’t get too much of weird yet awesome Japanese porn, I’m making another review about this porn site called JpTeacher. Let’s have a look.

Design and Features

Once I’m inside, I quickly noticed that the design was pretty well made and user-friendly. There were tabs on top which categorize where you want to go next. There’s even a search bar on the uppermost part of the member’s page if you want to look for a specific video. At the bottom, there are lots of videos to choose from and almost all are in good quality. Most of their models are fine looking with matching seductive teacher’s attire to heat up the mood. They currently have around 800 videos with lengths averaging about 25 minutes each. All are non-exclusive though which can be downloaded on an MP4 format only. Playback quality is also good with less to no buffers at all. As for pictures, they’ve got 40 or more images per gallery and all just screen captures but with good clarity and crispness.

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Girls and Videos

Here’s the part where we take an in-depth look on some of their awesome videos. As usual, it’s kinda hard what to pick so just checked on the first on the list. I’m not really sure if this is a homemade video or what because it was set inside a hotel room, where this dude, a bearded fellow was taking the video. He was seen talking Japanese explaining something while the teacher’s sitting on the side of the bed. Then he began having some a bit of a talk with her, as if it’s like an amateur themed porn. It took some time before the guy began doing some advances to her. He began with the legs all the way inside the lady’s skirt. You can tell that the girl’s enjoying what he’s doing to her. Her moans will really set your mood. The dude then unbuttoned her shirt and started fondling and squeezing her breasts. There’s a lot of squeezing and nipple twisting that went on for about 2-4 minutes I guess. From the looks of it, the guy has been squeezing her boobies a bit hard not to mention the nipple twisting as well, but the lady doesn’t mind at all. (She’s probably a masochist…and I like it!) They later changed position with the lady reclining on the guy with her thighs spread open. Now the dude’s seen fondling her nice jugs and stuffing fingers into the lady’s fuck hole at the same time. Now that’s what I call multitasking! The guy made the lady lie down in bed, thighs still spread wide and did some juice slurping on her pussy. Louder moans can be heard from the video telling viewers that she’s enjoying the hell of it. She can also be seen reaching her climax afterwards.
But that sadistic boob squishing guy didn’t stop there. Shortly after she reached her peak, the guy aimed his hard cock to her flowing pussy. He began doing dick rubbing against her opening before ramming it down into her. It started slowly at first, maybe to feel the warmth and depth of her juicy pussy. Pounding went rough and hard afterwards you can easily tell by the way her body shakes with every pound the dude’s making on her. She can also be seen hitting her head a few times on the headboard. Right before the video finished, guy’s thrust became faster and harder before reaching her own peak. The second video I saw was just a preview of the entire porn flick. It’s sort of a gang bang clip, one against four but no fucking happened, though. The girl was already naked and these four pervs were already all over her. There’s one sticking up his middle finger into her pussy, the other dude licking her ass hole, the other holding her both arms and one grabbing her boobs. They made her do a doggy pose while one of her legs was raised up. One of the guys gave her one fine licking of her hairy pussy. They made her sit and one of them grabbed her by the head and stuffed his hard cock in her mouth. It was a good 5 minutes of cock sucking before she gagged signaling the end of the video.


My conclusion with this porn site is that it’s very much recommended! In my opinion, layouts on the website’s well-made, navigational wise, you can take a tour on the site with ease. As for video quality, yes, all videos are not in HD but it’s very clear that it’s close being there. Downloading is only available in an MP4 format but I think web developers already took a note of that and expect to download videos on different formats aside from MP4. JpTeacher will definitely teach you a lesson or two about fucking and everything related.

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