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We all love watching porn. But sadly, after a while that too becomes boring. Watching hours and hours of only mindless fucking leaves something to be desired. All the videos are basically the same with just a couple of different actors in every different porn videos. And literally, all these porn videos are the same. The maximum focus on these videos is on the girls. It is always about these girls’ boobs and pussies. It is rarely anything else other than that. Watching a woman just getting fucked over and repeatedly is just boring and frustrating over time. And very rarely do we even see the men in these videos. All of them are basically in the video to just provide some cock service and nothing else. Mostly, the only thing you see of a man in these porn videos is his cock, or otherwise his torso. They will never ever give any attention to the man in these videos. When we see all this, it puts things into perspective for us that how much of the porn we saw online is made for women. Statistically, men are known to be the largest consumers of porn. Hence, when adult entertainment companies make videos, they most likely only keep in mind about a man’s sexual wants and needs. Very rarely has ever a woman’s sexual wants and need ever been considered or even thought about. What is to be done if this is not what you are looking for? What if you desire something more than just fucking? Well, there is something in store for you and that is Joybear.

JoyBear is from a London’s production house that exclusively showcases high-end erotic videos. This is not your average porn site. It is a step above that. What we liked about JoyBear is that all the content and videos they produce are not exclusively for men like other websites, but for women too. Another good thing is that the porn videos do not just only show off the women here, but also have some really sexy men who actually do something in the videos. When you see a video on this website, you will realize that these videos are not like your regular porn videos. All these videos have an actual storyline and a lengthy script too. And not just that award, in fact, they have won many more awards too such as the ‘Dusk Porna’ Award multiple times. This website is damn awesome, read more to get you even more interested in this website.

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Design and Features

You know when you see something so fancy looking that makes your jaw drop? Well, that is exactly what is going to happen to you when you see Joybear’s website. Their layout and design are simply divine. Everything about the website is so lavish looking and so exclusive. We wanted very hard to criticize the website and scrolled inch by inch the website to find anything on the website that we didn’t like or found to be an error. But let us break this to you. We found literally nothing that was wrong nor did we dislike anything about the website either. It is also quite clear when you just see the website that these guys have spent a large sum of pounds to create this website as well as to get a creative team of designers on board. The colors on this website are amazing. We love the combination of black and gold. These colors can never go wrong and they look simply phenomenal on the website.

The tour page is quite fantastic too, they have a promotional teaser that plays right away on the website, followed by a note from the developers and the links to all the different videos that are available on the website. To sum it up, this is quite a lavish looking website and we are sure you will fall in love with it.

Girls and Videos

It is the time we review the men and women on this website. We know that you have been very patiently waiting for this part of the review to arrive and guess what you will be rewarded handsomely. You are in luck with all the pussy and cocks this website has got to offer. You will be spoilt for choice when you see the list of models they have in their arsenal. For example, some of the women they have are Ashleigh Doll, Anna Darling, Sienna Day and much more. And Amongst the men, you will find Luke Hardy, Billy King, Alexie Jackson and several more to just name a few. These models are so sexy that it will make your pants drop down and drill a hole halfway through the globe. They are all British. And you know all British are just too damn hot. The women have the sexiest body you could have ever seen. Their boobs are just so perky and all natural. And they have the tightest looking pussy possible. While the guys are just like Greek Gods. They are incredibly hot with the perfect muscular body and dicks so big and hard that they can fuck a girl all night long.

All the videos they have on this website can be streamed online directly with the use of the embedded flash player. You can also download the movies if you wish to in an MP4 format. The resolution of the video will be at 1920 x 1080 pixels and at a rate of 6000 kbps.


To sum it all up, this is a pretty fucking awesome website. If you stay a member for a while with them then, upon rebilling, you will be given access to more websites on the Stiffia network. How cool is that, right? And if you add to it the hot men and women that this site has got to offer mixed with the fabulous service, we think this is a brilliant deal for you.

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