JesseJane Review

Overview is the official website of award-winning American pornographic actress, Jesse Jane, or Cindy Taylor in real life and is a good pay porn site where to find 450+ adult movies. It contains all her latest projects and some of her older works. It has photos, movies and a link to an online store where you can purchase sex toys, DVD’s, digital media and even Jesse Jane’s vagina. Here you can also find a behind the scenes section of Jesse Jane’s movies; where fans can have an all access look at how her movies were made. The 33 year-old self-proclaimed queen of porn, shows no signs of slowing down even after she’s made a hundred or so movies. She remains a favorite and has created through the years a strong cult-like following.

Her Facebook page alone has more than 3 million likes while her twitter page is followed by more than 272,000 users. Jesse started doing porn movies in 2005, landing a role in No limits, produced by The Digital Playground. The rest as they say is history as she is now one of the most popular porn actresses in the United States. Adult films such as the three-part epic series Pirates, Naked Aces 2, and Cheerleader have catapulted her into porn super stardom. She has also won multiple awards in the adult film industry, including the Hall of Fame award in 2013 given by the American adult video industry trade magazine or the AVN (Adult Video News). The website too has won numerous acclaim from fans and critics alike and has been nominated as the best porn site in the XBIZ and F.A.M.E. awards.Jesse Jane the all-American Porn sweetheart

Jesse Jane is the all-American dream girl: beautiful, smart and sexy. Her full breasts are a complete compliment to her nice plump ass. Her angelic face projects innocence and purity making her the ultimate fantasy bombshell; while her blonde hair is the prime example of the true American beauty. Just by looking at her green eyes, puts a person in an erotic trance, trapped in a paradise of ecstasy. Her energetic personality is evident in her films as she gives life to bed scenes every man out there has ever dreamed of. She is tamed and unpredictable at the same time. She is fragile and meek, but animalistic in more ways than one. She captures the very essence of passion, seduction and love. She is truly a Picasso, a Seurat, a Da Vinci in bed.

Design and Features is the exact replica of Jesse. It is her digitization, so to speak, in this wired world we live in. It is not only a full frontal assault on the ocular senses, as the website is full of porn pictures of her splendid looking body, But a very minimalistic approach in pornography. A what you see is what you get theme where the main entrée is a goddess named Jesse. It is a merging of simplicity and erotica. A Jesse Jane carnival full of rides, games and different attractions essential to a fanatic or would-be fanatics. The website features an easy-access interface, where not so tech savvy users can freely make their way around the website.

For a small membership fee, fans can treat themselves to Jesse Jane’s database of hardcore sexual encounters. There’s also a bonus of more than 60 of Jesse Jane’s full HD porn movies. Not only that, after registering, members are also given access to Digital Playground’s collection of porn movies featuring other Digital Playground pornstars. The collection is a staggering 2,000+ movies. Two for the price of one. Fans can also look forward to a new all out sexcapade each week as the site features a movie a week guarantee. That’s like a new wet and wild fantasy every week. The membership plans are as follows:

Girls and Videos

Members can also feast their eyes on Jesse Jane’s sumptuous 1,000 or more photos. Photos that accentuate her curves and highlight her generous assets. Pleasure giving photos that give that rare feeling of bliss coupled with excitement and heat only the body of Jesse Jane can deliver. There’s also a link that takes members to other related sites like the official Digital Playground website and also the official website of The Digital Playground Empire store. There, members can purchase other Digital Playground movies in different media formats like: DVDs, Blu-ray discs and the like.

Members can also buy different sexually oriented products like: sex toys, sex dolls, lube, men’s herbal sex supplements and pocket pussies. Hardcore fans can also access myfleshlight where, as mentioned earlier, customers can purchase a real life reproduction of Jesse Jane’s vagina, ass and mouth. The vagina and ass replicas are called flashlight and they are designed to mimic the exact touch and feel of a vagina or ass for that matter. Even the ripples inside it is as real as it gets. Die hard fans can now get that fleeting feeling of what it’s like to have sex with Jesse. Both products sell for $60, not bad considering that it’s almost as real as Jesse’s gifts. If that’s not your thing, why not try Jesse’s mouth replica for that authentic erotic oral sex savoir faire.


So many options and so many ways to enjoy Jesse Jane. In this website, the possibilities are endless. So in conclusion, is the most complete; all you can eat, Jesse Jane headquarters. It features a vast array of products and services that caters to the discreet fan and even the most extreme fan of the porn queen. It is where fantasy and reality converge. It is the brilliant medley of sexual beauty, primal instincts and technology. Gone are the days when you have to go to the video store and purchase your favorite pornstars newest offering. Now, the digital age has ushered in a convenient way to enjoy your favorite sex object at the click of a button. is the prime example of that glorious advancement.

This site is no more accepting customers, take a look at Digital Playground