Jav Hd Review

It’s time to review one of the largest adult networks that contains only Asian porn videos – Jav HD (Jav – Japanese Adult Video). Asian girls were always considered to be one of the hottest porn pay site in the world. Jav HD decided to take advantage of that and created one of the largest porn network we have today. Network consists of 13 different sites, such as: Lingerie Av, SchoolgirlsHD, Av Tits, Hey Milf and more. What was really impressive for this network is that all of 13 sites were uploaded at the same week as this article was written so it just shows how much these guys care about their members and for everything to be perfect. All of videos here are in HD, which is a great thing to know. Total content size is about 6.5 Tb. That’s really a lot of porn. And they are getting better and bigger every single day. So who knows where and when will they stop, if they even stop growing? That sounded enough interesting for me to start exploring their network.

Jav Hd fre video

Jav HD Discount – $1 Access and $9.99/mo

You probably got used to have 4 different membership options while joining these types of networks. Jav HD is not different in regards to that. So you will have:

  • 3-day trial for $1
  • 1-month for $39.95 $29.95 which gives you unlimited access and downloads>
  • 3-months for $19.66/month (or $59.00 paid at once) for unlimited access and downloads
  • 1-year for $9.99/per month (or $119.88 paid at once) for unlimited access and downloads

I can say that they have reasonable prices, somewhere in a range like their competitors so only thing that can make you decide not to join this network is you don’t like Asian girls.


There is really a lot of positive sides of this Asian porn network so it’s time to get started with them. This network has really huge content, one of largest I’ve seen. It contains over 15000 xxx videos, more than 56000 pictures, 469 models, 13 different sites and 6.5 Tb is total size of this content. Even though we are talking about huge network it is very easy to navigate. They have 30 categories (such as MILF, Office Lady, POV and more), which I personally like the most, it’s always nice to find exactly what are you looking for at that moment. When speaking about beautiful Asian girls we can look for top rated models, most viewed and newest models on the network. Some of my favorite models are Akane Hotaru, Mei Haruka, Yui Hatano and Maria Ozawa (she is top rated model on the network). Each video scene is followed with a lot of great pictures. All galleries can be downloaded as a zip files and all of the sites are being uploaded on regular basis so it obvious how good job these guys are doing. Jav HD is one of just a few Japanese porn sites that offers uncensored videos.


There are not so much complains about this network except some minor changes that could be made. First of all, there is no any video that has trailer for people to look before entire movie. I think that would be a nice change. You have some networks that offer free trailer for just recently added videos, some have for their entire content so I think that Jav HD guys can work something about it. Newest girls also don’t have short bio on their profile, which I think it will be fixed after those girls get some popularity. You also expect from a website called Jav HD to have only HD videos but that’s not the case. It’s normal that older videos have lower quality but comparing the name with the content it just doesn’t seems nice. And now I will tell you what I don’t like about Japanese porn that someone might. Dildos and similar things are used very often in Japanese porn. So for someone who doesn’t like to watch movies where these things are being used, this may not be as much as enjoying as it should. Except those minor things, there is no something that can spoil your time here. And most of all I don’t like hairy girls, and more than 70% of Japanese are like that. They have specific section for guys like me called Shaved Pussy which just shows how much they care to satisfied everybody’s needs. It’s not their fault that Japanese culture is different something we used to see in Europe and America.


If you are a huge fan of Asian girls, or someone who is just trying to see something new in his life, you are at the right place. Just be careful in how much you are expecting from this. I know, having sex with Asian girls sounds really interesting and something that all of you would like to experience. Yes, these girls are very beautiful and attractive, but if you expect to see something new and original, don’t expect too much. Since this is something than most of you are not used to, my advice is to start from a trial membership and if you like it, then extend your membership, because you sure will get new videos every day. Irashaimase (Welcome) to the Jav HD and enjoy your stay!

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