JakeMalone is the official website for the director/ actor of porn videos, DVDs, and photos. The guy is not even featured in many of the videos but he is the man behind the cameras. I could assume that he is one lucky guy because he gets to see all the action live. Any man would die to be in his shoes but then again, the task can be tricky. Can you imagine filming three hot girls acting a lesbian scene without getting a hard on? The job is also tough but the guy does a very amazing job behind the cameras. I recommend the good and quality work that he produces.

Design and Features

The site already has a huge collection of videos, DVDs and photos and to top it up, there are around 24 plus bonus sites. Some of these bonus sites include anal acrobats and the EurosAngels which are all pat of the mega network called EvilAngelNetwork. You will have the benefit to access some of the works of the best directors such as John Leslie, Rocco and more. There is also a huge discount to the fans and readers of the SirRodney’s website. There is a drop down menu on the left side where you can be able to access all these sites ran by amazing directors. The bonus websites are well updated daily hence you will never be out of fresh and new porn to watch.

All the bonus sites update but the major disadvantage is that the JakeMalone website has not been updated for quite some time now and it is letting down the rest of the sister websites. I also realized that the site is accessible via mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets. The site does date all the content, which is nice. However, what isn’t nice is the fact that they haven’t added anything new since February 2013. They have gone through updating breaks in the past, though, so maybe this isn’t the end for site growth here.

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Girls and Videos

One other thing I also noticed is not so many models on this site are tattooed or have their bodies pierced. They are just a classy bunch of ladies. When I was going through the site, I managed to count and came to the conclusion that the site has around 242 plus videos at the time. The videos are all shot with high definition cameras. They are extra clear with good sound work and lighting. Most of the videos also have a watermark in the background and also some music too. There is no condom use in like all of the videos. The page claims that all of the videos are exclusive and can only be found on this site. I will dispute on that because the video I just described above, I came across it on the ManuelFerrara website. What I can agree with is the fact that the members have no limit to the number of videos that they can be able to download.


Jake Malone is an awesome director and he just knows his way around the camera. I love the fact that the JakeMalone website has a lot of extras for the members. There are bonus sites accessible to the members and also some DVDs. All you have to do in order to check out the site is sign up and be a member than pay the membership fee.

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