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In the online world, you will find a plethora of online websites dealing with the concept of transsexuals. Surprisingly some of those websites are quite good in their contents and the quality of videos. They also happen to be very popular among porn lovers. On the other hand many new websites are also coming up into business with a hope to make it big like the big boys. One such promising website which deals with the concept of transsexual porn is Hello Lady Boy. This website will give you a great experience of the whole girlfriend thing. They are very selective about their t-girls and that is why each of these models is quite attractive in their own rights. The t-girls are quite fresh somewhere in between 18-24 years of age. Every single model comprises of about 3 movies. In the introduction section you will come to know about these lady boy models, where they have worked and also what are the things which they enjoy doing. After that you move to the dating videos where you will find a male actor of the website, taking these t-girls out on a date like a dinner and the third video is where you will find all the hard-core stuff. This is in fact one of the unique things about this website. Normally in other websites, you will find videos dealing with just the hard-core stuff. But here they provide the other two videos just to allow you to know about these t-girls. This adds to the fun and enjoyment of the final video. The Lady Boy website is not known to post nude pictures, the reason being that it is mainly more of an informational website! The website is fairly new and so there are no points for guessing that it will have lesser number of contents. The quality also needs a bit of improvement. However there are some good pictures of the models, though in odd sizes not the usual size which you really expect from a porn site. The clarity of the pictures is also quite good. One annoying thing however is the slideshow player. As you visit the website, you will find a sum total of about 50 videos with updates occurring every week. This is a good sign as far as the functioning of the website is concerned as with regular updates and that too weekly, it means the website does have a good future and viewers will always get something new every time they visit the website. With this kind of progress, the website will definitely grow given some more time.

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Design and features

The website structure is quite impressive. It does look a bit clogged but with all the menu bars and navigational panels easily visible, accessing through the website is easy and suave. If you want to take a tour to the website, you will find various options which will take you to different parts of the website. The designers of the website have done a great job in making the website accessible for even a person who is not so thorough with the internet. The user interface is also impressive as with it, you can check out the details of the models as well as their videos. If you desire to become a member all you have to do is simply visit the membership arena, enter the information which is asked and submit the request. You can also check the subscription and go with the one which is suitable for your wallets. The payment is done by credit card and the transactions tend to be safe and secure.

T-Girls and videos

When we come to its t-girls, you will find that there are numerous transsexuals present and each of them has a series of three videos. Those series include the intro portion where you will come to know about them, the second is the dating video, where one guy from the site itself will take one or two model with him to dinner or a night club. The third is when the real action beings. These t girls are out and out performers and will suck on cocks and take in behind like professionals. They will also take cum shots inside their mouth and also on their breasts. These t girls are taken from different parts of Bangkok Thailand and are extremely cute and beautiful to look at. About the videos there are about 50 movies, some of them are also quite long-up to 25 minutes. Plus there are weekly updates which keep flooding the website with new contents regularly. The quality of the videos is not as good as one expects but still it suffices. There are also some clips where you will find the cameras shifting or moving and this is mainly because the guy who is having sex with these t girls is also the one who is filming the entire action. The pictures however are excellent in quality. However one big problem with this site is that you can view the videos only online. The website does not provide any download option. The pictures can be downloaded one by one, but there is no option to download it in full sets.


Though there are some issues with the website, the content which it provides is quite good. Plus it is constantly growing because of the weekly updates and addition of newer contents. The t girls you will find here are some of the cutest in the online world and the website navigation is also impressive. The subscriptions also seem to be cost-effective. With so many advantages, we can say that the website is growing in the right manner and given some time, it will become quite renowned. However if you want to visit it now, you can do that too as you will love what it’s got stored in its armory.

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