GrannyBet is a hard core platform where 2 dudes who have a knack of banging horny mature ladies consider turning their fetish into something even more amusing. Jan and Jiri are making a little wager out of their erotic escapades. The rule is easy – fuck as many grannies as possible, and one who gains 1000 points the first wins. Points are the total number of the females’ ages. If she is 70 years old, that is counted as 70 points.

Design and Features

GrannyBet has a professional looking design. Navigation here is not a difficulty. I did manoeuvre from one section to the other with ease. I really love the intact layout. They have arranged the site entities very well. The interface is great too. All the tabs, functions, and commands are explained with descriptions to render your browsing a bliss. They have you calm color on the site. The background color is cool, too. So, even if you stay glued on your screen for hours, you will not strain your eyes or even the brain.

GrantBet comes with 2 site versions, including a mobile version. Nowadays folks are migrating to the portable devices. Movies and images can be downloaded anytime you wish and as many of them. There are no DRM constraints. There is an embedded Flash player in case you want to watch the films online and there is also a slideshow function if you want to view pics online.

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Girls and Videos

Bets are a normal part of a boy’s life. Fresh blokes love wagering on several daily life goings-on, on sports, and gambling on a lot of personal encounters. The individual test that I did see at GrannyBet is the spiciest I could imagine. The first dude to reach the sum of 1000 years wins! I think the dudes will have to roll up their sleeves. During my visit is did find that the score is 390: 440.

This pay sex site is a 100% original platform, and certainly I cannot question about this as it is genuine. Actually, this pairs my individual likings damn right. And oh! I bet you have realized the score of the dudes is not as high. That implies that there is more sweetness ahead, which is pretty cool. So, hold your horses. The contest is certainly not going to ceases any soon. Wait! What will happen if one of them gets to the 1000 spot? Will they be swapped by other competitors or will the champion proceed to the following contest? Maintain your membership to find out.

The quality of this resource’s material is pretty cool. That is definitely no shock – what else did you anticipate form a pay porn site, which is so fresh and so fucking special. The films shown here come in a full package. Flash films and videos downloads are coming in at 1920 x 1280 pixels with bit rates of 6000 Kbps. The format is mainly Windows Media Videos.

Bet that you by now wonder if those 50 sets are everything that the users of GrannyBet are treated to, don’t you? Fortunately, there is much more. This porn platform encompasses a bunch of extra mature films, which are certainly not original, however, still very hot. There are 55 extra movies in addition to 2 sizzling porn sites; Grandma friends and My Wife’s Mom.


To conclude, GrannyBet is a platform, which has the capacity for incredible quantities of amusement with a model as well as a concept behind it that I could sincerely have seen making a reasonable amount of interest throughout the web. The material they have is impeccable together with some good network of extra platforms as well. Consider getting you membership today on GrannyBet!

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