GrandDadz Review


The dudes on Grand Dadz should count themselves lucky. It isn’t every day that a geriatric gets a chance to screw such sexy, beautiful and curvaceous models. I mean the models are, simply, breathtaking. They have a liking for the advanced cock.

Design and Features

The designers of Grand Dadz elicit all the experience reminiscent of people who’ve been on the scene for a while. I was impressed with the number of user options for accessing and navigating the content on the platform. I could sample the unique scenes by clicking on the best-rated movies or scroll down to select an image tag and check out the movie from which it is drawn.

There is a list of categories that allows users to select the movies based on the age of the dude in the movie. I could choose from such categories as over fifty, over seventy, over 60 or even settle for the live cam sessions. I was impressed with the scene descriptions that provide the connection you need to enjoy the action that unfolds.

I was impressed to learn that Grand Dadz is optimally tweaked for mobile access. I could stream videos and check out photos straight from my mobile phone. Mobile users can access all the features on the platform. The streaming is smooth and seamless on both mobile and PC. The content also loads fast and easily. I didn’t have to wait for long before the site loaded and allowed me to sample these rare flicks. The scenes also give you an impressive background set of information for each scene. Indeed each flick comes with the star model featured, her name is highlighted and some background information provided.

Girls and Videos

The models on the platform are gorgeous, adventurous and energetic. These are hotties still in the prime of their years. Yet, what strikes you immediately when you check into the site is that the girls enjoy their hardcore sex action with the elderly dudes. What a way to show maximum respect for these senior citizens! Other scenes feature the girls pulling off the senior citizens’ pants and pulling out the schlongs for erotic blowjob sessions. If you think these dudes are spent, wait a while and see how they summon rock hard erections and splash their jizz around after a blowjob session from the charged hotties. The videos can be streamed in the Flash player embedded in the browser.

The photos can also be viewed directly in the browser. Users can save these photos and flicks for sampling at a later time. There is no option for downloading but I guess the fact that you can save your favorites still allows you to check out the content at your convenience; directly on the site. The shooting of the videos is also impressive. You are treated to videos that focus on the genitals and the models’ goodies as much as possible.

There are no bonus sites but you are given several extras under your subscription. There are extra flicks and videos provided. You can also accumulate points to check out live cam shows. There are over 70 videos to sample on Grand Dadz. The playback time for the flicks varies significantly. If you wish to sample still photos, there are over 72 galleries with almost as many pics per set.


Grand Dadz is the ideal porn platform for fans with a taste for watching hot energetic cuties that could pass for beauty queens getting down in raunchy action with senior dudes. Respect for the elderly is given a new meaning here. The seniors seem to like it too. The user interface is effective and functional.

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