The GGGDevot is a nasty piece of website. It offers heavy hardcore porn videos from the land of heaviness: Germany. If you are German, please don’t feel offended, it’s a compliment.

The videos of the site are heavy in nature, and the girls are really going wild in them. Gangbang with watering elements is a fetish that seems to be popular. There are full DVD releases on the site, and they are all exclusive in the aspect of online publication. As a bonus, you also get access to a huge hardcore DVD library from other studios.

Design & Features

As soon as you land on the GGGDevot, you can see what this site is about. The tour doesn’t hide anything, and it provides you with enough information about whether this site worth to join or not. Those who are not ready to get into the perverted world of John Thompson, should not go further because what you see on the tour page is what you get. There are only thumbnails listed on the home page, and you can browse several pages of them. These pictures are in rather good quality, and it’s certain that you will see if this site covers your niche. What the tour doesn’t tell is the number of videos inside, and the amount of bonuses you receive. So let’s dig a bit deeper, and take a look on the inner section. Though the tour page’s design is really nasty and hardcore, the members’ zone is a bit blander. You can find the main menu on the top of the page. There is an option that takes you to the Videos and Images. Also you can reach the bonus content, the live cam shows and the partner’s promotions. Additional feature of the site is that you can build up a favorites’ library. For navigation, the site provides a quick menu where you can easily reach the most popular pages, including the videos, the bonus DVDs and some others. A statistic on the left side of the page shows you how much content you can access here. A search engine is also implemented that can scan through different fields; also an advanced search page is available from the main menu.
Every video on the GGGDevot is at your disposal. They are available as a Flash video stream, which offers only SD resolution; though it’s still better than on some other sites with this kind of heavy content. In the event that you prefer watching videos in an instance, you will be satisfied with the capabilities of the player. The GGGDevot grants you access to the videos in MP4 format. When you start downloading, you will see that the speed is good, and the videos come down quickly. There are four quality settings form the lowest 240p to the highest 1080p; you can save the movies in full length. There aren’t much pictures on the site, but those that are there will satisfy all your needs. These are mostly preview-like pictures, and though they are not HQ photos, they are still sharp and clean.
A mobile-friendly user interface is also available.

Girls & Videos

The models on the GGGDevot are really asking for it. These German women are looking good, and it’s an interesting question why they turned to the dark side of porn, instead of showing their body in well-lit and sterile mainstream videos. It’s interesting, but it’s not our task to answer that query. Let’s take a good look on the models of the site instead. All girls are German, and if you have seen a women from German, you will recognize the facial signs. It’s a fact that the models here look astonishing, and the things they do is seriously outrageous. Certainly you would like to screw them all over again, because they are very hot and sexy. They seem to be mostly naturals, so if you prefer a spicy and hot natural European you can find her here, but the fans of fake breasts shouldn’t worry either: there are large fake tits appearing too. These girls are devoting themselves to the males in the room, and though the crowd of men is nameless, you can see that most of them are well-hung. To make the porn on the site spicier, you can see Black and Latino guys among the male models. GGGDevot’s movies are stretching the limits. If you are not ready for this, you shouldn’t go further than the tour page. All videos are shot in studio-like environment, but the make it shadier, the rooms are darkened and the environment has an overall menacing feeling. Each scene features gangbanging and this fact is the softest thing that we could tell about them. Apart from the girls sucking everyone’s cock in the room, they also get fucked in their pussy and ass by everyone (double-penetration is featured). Among the heavy niches covered by the site, they mention fisting too, so don’t expect the videos feature only anal and vaginal sex, with some sucking, but also deep fisting and different insertions also take place. The major niche of the site is wet-porn. Now, don’t think that the girls are soaking wet because they sweat too much, or just stepped out of the shower. No, they are getting wet by sperm and the other liquid… you can guess witch one.


If you have read this far, it means that you are interested in this site. In case you have a crush on German girls, or you have a “sperm&piss” fixation, this site will be one of your favorites. Though the update schedule is infrequent, it’s worth to wait, because you always a fresh DVD with each update; these are offering 60-120 minutes of hardcore fun. There is already a great collection on the site, but if you watched them all, you can still check the huge collection of hardcore porn DVDs.

The site is nolonger online, check out the popular pissing adult websites!