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Design and Features

So let’s take a minute and talk about their website. It is themed black and grey, which is good for the eyes by the way. Helps you focus on the good stuff. You will also notice their logo. It is shaped like a man sitting on a wheel chair. Classy, I like it. But I know you won’t notice the logo or even the black and grey theme once you enter the site… You know why? Because the damn pictures and videos are being collaged like hell all over your face! I’m not exaggerating it my friend. It’s a total buffet of hot sexy steamy sex all over the place. I mean, really! Look at all these hot sexy ladies just opening up to this old guy! If you scroll a little lower, you will notice that they’ve created trailers for some of their videos. The trailers contain a few scenes from their videos that would totally tempt you to become a member! But let me tell you this. You won’t regret it! Also, before I forget. The moment you become a member of their site you, are automatically able to stroll around ALL the XXX network Porn sites, FOR FREE! Do you know what that means? It means you get to have a whole package of other porn sites for free! That’s more than enough actually, if I say so myself… but don’t let that be the only reason. Wait till you take a look at their videos. Which will be talking about next.

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Girls and Videos

The sexy females found in this videos are no joke at all. You may think at first that an old guy can’t possibly be having a great time fucking girls that are too beautiful. But think again. These ladies are even less than half the age of the old guy. Believe me when I say this. The way they’ve handpicked these girls is really phenomenal! These girls are like models for goodness sake! They’ve really outdone themselves this time! But that’s not the only thing that matters! Because the video quality and quantity matters too! So let’s take a peak. One hundred thousand high-quality photos. Fully downloadable to your hard drive. Over five hundred high-quality video shows available in WMV or flv formats! Over three hundred sixty gigabytes of bonus video feeds, photos and cams! Oh my, that is just too good to be true! All of this in one buy! Plus, a whole pack of websites too! The sex scenes are no joke too! I took a look at one video they made with Maria! Man, Maria is the bomb! She can get on all fours and be as stiff as a rock as this old man fucks her as she crumbles, and oh the moans she can make! It’s like a tiger purring in satisfaction! This is the site we’ve been looking for gents! From hardcore to softcore! Intense missionaries to fast dog styles! You name it! The girls themselves are amazing too! They don’t hold back one bit! You can really see their desire to satisfy the camera as well as the old guy! There are also videos where the girls are in a hurry! But that makes it better because this old man isn’t in a hurry, and takes sex to a whole new level of satisfaction since he just makes it last longer and longer! All in all, the videos and the girls are superb! A whole new level of porn on this one!


Well we have reached shore on this one. Man was that a bumpy ride! All those girls on this site were amazing, the web design was wild as well! It’s like a collage of sweet lust all packed up together for the eyes to see! There really isn’t anything negative I can say about this site. Other than the fact that this site delivers a huge quantity of videos, they even took the time to make sure quality is fine as well. Even the girls don’t disappoint! This old man is one lucky man. He even claims that some girls come to him for free just to fuck him. Now I don’t know if that’s true but that just makes it a hell of a lot more exciting. Some scenes are being shot from their bedroom, terrace, and some are even on some old garage or something. The new environment on every sex scene really adds a lot of flavor to this thing. For the verdict. Oh hell man just become a member already. This site has got it all!

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