When you’re looking for a live-cam website, things that matter the most are the number of total models available and how many of them are usually online at a time, and Flirt4Free has perhaps the largest model database among cam-sites, with hundreds of models online simultaneously to satisfy your needs. Their catalogue contains over twenty thousand models, which is ridiculously huge, and once you find a live cam model you like then you pay per minute of her time with you. It’s not exactly a bargain site as it will cost you almost four dollars per minute on average, and an additional forty dollars for VIP membership but the quality of the models and live-cams is by far one of the best you’ll come across. Since their rates are far from cheap, they’re also able to compensate their models better, meaning you’ll find a far better quality and performance here than anywhere else. It feels truly premium, and your money will feel well spent. Once you become a VIP member you can have fun with around two million recorded shows available for purchase with credits. It’s a truly magnificent collection, and you’re unlikely to find any shortage of interesting content in there. Flirt4Free has managed to acquire the much coveted FOTY 2015: Viewer’s Choice award, getting the recognition as one of the best websites in its category.

Design & Features

The layout of the website is quite simple and intuitive, and there’s almost no chance for anyone to get confused from the moment they land on the first page. There’s quite an extended list of categories you can browse in – and more importantly, you can see right in the category list how many live cams are active in each category. It’s a really useful feature that will save a lot of time for those who are looking for new broadcasts to follow. On the browsing page, you can see a whole bunch of thumbnails for various live-cams available, and upon hovering you’ll be given a short clip preview of what the channel is like. Additionally, you can see which niche the broadcasting stream belongs to, how much it will cost you to watch it per minute, the profile of the model as well as various options to contact them both on-site and off-site. It’s a really polished feature that you’ll surely find very useful in the long run. The website also offers several posh services including two-way cams, meaning the level of interaction between you and the model is taken to the highest level possible for a live-cam service. This service is only available in private rooms, for obvious reasons, and despite costing a premium fee, it’s definitely an experience worth having with your favourite model. The website is also available in mobile versions, but since the interactive design can be quite resourcefully intensive it’s recommended you use either a tablet for mobile viewing or laptop/desktop when you can. Clearly, to make it more mobile friendly would have required them to cut down some of its more advanced features, and the designers of the website decided they would rather have a fully functional site than a fully mobile site, which is a decision that most users would be rather glad for the outcome.

Girls & Videos

Right off the bat, you’ll notice from the thumbnails that this website houses some truly tantalizing beauties that are quite rare both inside and outside the porn world. No doubt many of them may only be in it for a short duration, and it’s a fortunate coincidence that you get to watch them when you do. Or at least, that should be the case. The variety of models they have been extensive, and you’ll find that no matter what you fancy, be it blonde, ebony, or even those exotic natural redheads like Janie Bliss, Flirt4Free has got you covered. Not only their models, their categories are also equally extensive including but not limited to wrapping them, dungeon and even some ‘certified kinky’ videos. What they might contain is anyone’s guess, and perhaps worth finding out yourself. The live-cam broadcasts on Flirt4Free are aesthetically a very pleasing experience. Almost all broadcasts have a nice background music included to maintain a good atmosphere and coupled with the gorgeous models it becomes quite the memorable experience that will stick in your mind for a long time. This is the sort of content that will not only satiate your current needs but will also become something to remember and smile at later, a life experience if you will. As if all of this weren’t enough, the website allows you to download live-cam shows over two million of them. It’s no less amount, and it’ll probably be wise to not try bulk downloading them to your local disk, as you’ll only end up with a fried or full disk and still have terabytes of data left. Even if you get extremely picky and select only the best quality content, there will be no shortage of content for you to choose from.


In the end, Flirt4Free has proven itself to be one of the best live cam sites of its time. Although their interface is good and their database is humongous, that’s not the reason behind its success, nor why it comes so highly recommended. In fact, the reason behind its success is quite simple the models on the website are so amazingly gorgeous and talented you’ll be hard pressed to move on without giving them a try. Their success lies in their ability to retain these talented models by paying them well like they deserve, and this why they charge more than their rival websites. When you think of it this way, their slightly premium charges are not only justified but actually praiseworthy. It’s why we love it, and we think you will too.

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