FemdomBride is a one of a kind website that is rarely found in the usual pornographic websites available on the internet. It is about Female dressed in bridal wear often found dominating men and women alike with different looking sexual toys available in the market. It is pretty hardcore to watch but for those who fancy this sort of porn, it is a haven for them to enjoy.

Design and Features

Unlike other websites, you will find a beautiful lavender background with purple floral decorations in the front and over it is the text and video laid out. FemdomBride offers a very different layout in the sense that it has a lot of content packed into the homepage. It has its site features laid out across the homepage mentioning how often it updates videos, what sort of videos you can download, what format, which stories are updated on the blog and so on. So the plus side of having a website design like this means that you will be able to find all the features of the website with one glance. The site has a feature video explaining the website’s theme and contents as well, it is about 2 minutes long and it is more than enough to convince a BDSM fan user to join the site and access its features.

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Girls and Videos

The Site is different as it has a phrase and I quote “If more wives knew that they could turn their husbands into sissy slaves, their cocks encased in chastity, kept under lock and key – I believe it would be a Woman’s world”. The site boasts of a handsome amount of videos, that is over 283 scenes where the minutes per video varies. It also has 100 galleries averaging of 50 pictures in each gallery for the users to enjoy. The videos are in a good 1280×720 quality. The videos are offered in 3 formats, unlike other sites which only offer two types. First is WMV in 2000k, 1280X720 which is downloadable, next is MP4 or M4V at 2200k 1280×720 resolution which is really good quality believe me. The third format offered is Flash which is in browser and is at 1700k and 768×432 resolution.

Mind you, a lot of the specifications are mixed of the videos, so some of them may not be HD quality, though the most downloadable content is HD. Photos can be downloaded in Zip files as usual. They can be downloaded to different devices like the computer, phone, tablet, etc. Even different operating systems are supported like iOS, Windows, and Android. The website runs well on the mobile browser as well, it can be resized in other browsers according to the user’s preference and they will continue watching it on whatever device they choose fit! A number of videos on the website will absolutely blow you away. Other features the website boasts of is Artwork, game, wallpapers, captions and even user submitted pics and videos which are unique to this site, it even has blogs for people to read femdom stories from so it is very neatly packaged.


If you were looking for a site that offers hardcore BDSM content then FemdomBride is the site you have been looking for. It offers an exclusive look into the world of a character called Starla who got married in Las Vegas and is allowing you into her fantasy real life. If you want to be right in the action of submissive moves and want to see every sad happy angry moment documented in Starla’s life, you won’t want to miss this!

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