So, you were searching for ‘Czech girls’, ‘parties’ and hardcore sex? If you read this CzechParties review, you will see that you can’t find a better site for the things you’re looking for. In these videos there are hot Czech girls, selected by different aspects, like blondes, big boobs, etc. These girls seem to be broke always, so they grab the opportunity and show what they can do. The series, or project as the CzechAV folks refer to their sites, was launched in 2011. Opening the members’ zone for the CzechParties review revealed 24 porn videos, which isn’t too great as far as the number are concerned. However, before you give up on the site, you should know that these are mostly HD flicks, with a length averaging about 35-40 minutes, so they ought to keep you busy for a time. Naturally, a site with 24 site doesn’t seem to worth to join. However as with most porn sites online, you don’t only join one portal, but a whole network of hardcore porn pages. The CzechAV network will be yours to explore, thus you can enjoy the different mischievous acts of original Czech guys and girls in hardcore, fully exclusive videos. If you are looking for group sex videos, there are several projects of the CzechAV which offers that. For example, the CzechMegaSwingers has a collection of heavy swinger parties, while the CzechGardenParty is all about fucking in groups out in the great outdoors.

Design and Features

There are porn networks that doesn’t want to have overcomplicated porn sites, and the CzechAV is one of the best examples. The home page of the CzechParties is terribly simple: the top features the banner of the site, which is montage of the girls in the videos; this is followed by a menu where you can take the tour, join or log in if you are a member. The rest of the page lists the scenes, represented with large thumbnails. Lower on the page, you can see the included sites’ thumbnails. The features of the tour are the following: one trailer, cut together from several movies; and a few pages of the videos’ list, where you can find one large and a few lower-medium thumbnails. This simple design is the one that greets you in the members’ area. There is a menu on the left, where you can see the sites of the network listed, with to listing options for the videos: sorted by views or recentness. On the CzechParties, you can only access videos, no photos are available. A WebHD quality video is streamed in Flash format for in-browser playing, and MP4 files (up to 720p) are granted for saving. Downloading is unlimited, and the videos are DRM-free.

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Girls and Videos

Okay, just by opening the tour page and watching the trailer you can get hard as wood in a second. The Czech girls are all-time favorites of horny lads of the West, and when there is more than one on the scene, it’s even better. In the videos of the CzechParties, you can see hot girls of the Czech Republic gathering together, taking a few shots, and get fucked… for cold hard cash. It’s quite surprising that the models here are so hot, and yet so horny, because some of them have so amazing body, that she could make a good career as an actual model or porn actress. Since the site has the word ‘Czech’ in its name, you can expect only the most wonderful European girls, who are not fakers and everything they have on their body is natural. The main niche of the site hardcore party-porn, and the videos are following this line… another niche here is big boobs. Most of the chicks you can find here have medium or large fake breasts. There is even a blonde (the one you can see on the first thumbnails of the tour) who have huge natural tits, which she like to show and use to please a man. As most European sites, this one also features only Caucasians, those Center- and Eastern-European countries don’t have much of the hot ethnics, like the Blacks, Asians or the Latinas. The site provides a reality-porn like videos, and you can see everything form the guy’s point of view. This gives the whole collection a nice impression, and when this guy picks a girl, he bids for her pussy until she says yes to it. And when she does, there is going to be some really nasty stuff going on. Every video here flows freely, and you can see that they are not scripted at all. The girls are arriving one by one, and apart from the loud chatter they do, the most important noise here is the fine moaning of the girls as they get banged in the bedroom or the bathroom. Since it’s all PoV porn, you get a close look of the girls’ body, and it also seems that this bloke like to make videos which could be even considered as gonzo. Probably the best scenes are those which feature juicy threesomes and actual groups, with four or five girls sharing and taking turn on that cock. The lucky blokes of the site are really doing a fine job, and it seems they are probably the luckiest man in the world: they spend the studio’s money, and get to fuck any girl they want.


Though the site wasn’t updated recently, there is always a chance that these guys organize a few more hot porn parties, so you can enjoy watching cute Czech girls fucked hard. If you are interested in this kind of porn, the network access really comes in handy, because there are lots of pages with orgies, parties and swinger gatherings. In case you want to watch one guy taking on groups of chicks, the CzechHarem is a recommended network site to take a look at. And don’t forget that you get it all for the price of one porn site.

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