There are lots of solo sites out there, featuring one star, and maybe some guests, and the WifeysWorld is probably one of the oldest and the hottest among them. Launched in 1998, the site may have changed, but the content only became better: the videos sharpened, the photos offered higher resolution, and for a strange reason Wifey gets hotter and hotter with each passing year. The videos that the WifeysWorld offers are all exclusive, and there is no possible chance to find them anyplace else. There are regular updates, HD movies and a huge collection of videos and photos to browse. WifeysWorld looks as a fine site should look, with clear design and a well-built advertisement free members’ zone. This site actually offers what it promises: no-crap real porn of semi-professionals.

Design & Features

The WifeysWorld offers you a really simple and quick tour. There is the official trailer that you can watch, and some of the newest updates are listed, represented by thumbnails. After entering into the members’ zone you will see the newest movies listed first. The page itself looks pretty good, and though it launched nearly twenty years ago, it’s still going strong, and keeps up with the winds of change. The design is clear, simple, and it’s not distracting. The members’ zone is free of advertisements, so there is truly nothing to waylay your browsing, and the site doesn’t feel cluttered. The top of the page (and it’s always there) features the main menu options. You can read the blog, and access the ‘wifey galleries’ which means the photo and video collection of the site. There is the store, where you can order DVDS, clothes, Photo CDs, sex toys and there are also digital downloads offered. The section of Friends lists some partners of Wifey, offering some more amateur-like porn, along with professional studios too. The Classics lists some older, ever-classic Wifey-movies, remastered to fit to today’s expectations. Under the Miscellaneous section, you will find cartoons and Flash-games, all featuring Wifey and sex. For navigation, you have an advanced search at your disposal and all content has keyword tags, providing you with more direct sorting options, but if you have special needs, the search page will be a satisfying help. As for the actual content, you will find two types: photos and videos. Naturally, for most of us the videos are the most important because hearing and watching the sex actually happening is an exciting and arousing experience. So, the scenes are available through an embedded player that works from MP4 resources, and it plays the video smoothly, after the initial loading and buffering, maybe some lagging too, the major part of the scenes are playing undisturbed. Also MP4 (720p HD too) files are offered for downloading, so live with that option if you like offline porn watching, or collecting. Slideshow and Zip downloads are the two available and satisfying options when it comes to the pictures of the site. Take it or leave it, it’s up to you.

Girls & Videos

On WifeysWorld you will mostly find one girl’s videos, and she is Wifey. The main model and name-giver of the site is a busty, really hot MILF, who likes to have sex, mostly with his husband, and most of the times she gets what she wants. Her natural hair color is blonde, and she has huge natural breasts and a tight body, with a nice ass. She is the kind of MILF that turns on fresher lads pretty soon, and everyone who is looking for this kind of girls will find that Wifey is one of the best. You could consider her the prime type the example type of the MILFs: she isn’t too fresh, but she is so juicy and hot, that if she were your wife, you would fuck her all day long. The other model and co-founder of the site is Hubby, who plays the role of the cock in most videos, and most of the times you get to watch the movies from his point of view. The videos on the WifeysWorld are mostly staged, and apart from the first scenes that were shot back in the end of the millennia they are can’t be considered to be real home-made porn. After a few movies, they started to get used to the camera, and now the couple offers sometimes more professional porn than some of the studios. There is lots of cosplay in the movies and a large part of the collection offers roleplaying porn, where Wifey and Hubby plays different characters, so you can fulfill your needs of these two kinds of porn. All videos vary in the aspect of length, and most of them are actually pretty long; the average is somewhere about 15 minutes, but you should expect to find here short scenes of 9 minutes, and longer ones running for more than 20 minutes. The video collection that you can find on the site is date back to 2003, and there are some of Wifey’s Classic movies too. If you wish to watch the first movies of this horny couple, you should order them on DVDs from the store. Also under the Miscellaneous section you can find some sexy cartoons and interactive Flash games. The collection of the WifeysWorld is over 500 videos, and there are always regular updates coming, so the collection grows larger and large with each week.

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