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What would be your ultimate sex fantasy? Who do you always visualize while you take your cock around for a little trip of pleasure? Would you watch regular porn with the same fervor as compared to seeing your favorite celebrity get herself pounded? Is it not true that you have always wondered what celebrities must be like in the bedroom? I mean, who does not? You always wonder what it might feel like to grab those juicy tits and suck on those erect nipples, and how wet and tight their pussy would feel when you shove your rock-hard cock inside them, don’t you? And how would they moan and scream with pleasure while you are eating out their pussy?

Well, you can quit fantasizing about it now, because Vivid brings you exactly what your heart desires, with never-seen-before sex tapes, all at your disposal! Yes, it is true. If there is a celebrity sex tape out there, then you can be sure that Vivid has it! And if there is a sex tape, which has just created a scandal, then you can be sure Vivid will surely acquire it. That is exactly how committed they are to bringing you the best that they can deliver! Vivid, the adult entertainment giant, is known for its quality content and for roping in the hottest and the sluttiest porn stars in the world. And now they have done something even more amazing!

There is girl on girl action, Ebony porn, group sex, MILF sex, and so much more that you will never be disappointed, and your cock will thank you for it. Vivid provides you with anything and everything that you could possibly want! They have set the standards really high up when it come to adult entertainment.

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Design and Features

The layout of this site is fairly simple. And that is the beauty of it. It does not take away your attention from the videos and instead, it lets you concentrate solely on the purpose of your visit. It does not hurt your eyes with eye-popping colors. Instead the colors used are solid black and bits of maroon. It is simple yet sensual and are just right for the job that they are supposed to do.

The first thing that you would notice about the homepage is the slide show, which gives you a peek into all the famous and currently trending celebrities and the videos! If the slide show does not help, all you have to do is scroll further down and find your perfect celebrity match and live out your fantasy. And if you are looking for something even more definite then, there is the search tool bar, which makes your life easy. When it come to the design of the website, the first word that comes to your head is sophistication! They provide you with an absolutely balanced experience, titillating your senses just enough.

Girls and Videos

The line up of women that Vivid has to offer is indeed stunning! They are the hottest and most famous celebrities in the world, whose sex tapes have been put into the internet and you are one of the fortunate few who gets to watch theses tapes.

Do you remember the former pro wrestler Tammy Lynn Sytch? Yes, the one who always made your cock ache with desire, as she pulled her move on the other contestant. You would wonder exactly how crazy and dominating she could get in bed or how you could possibly get her to submit to you, right? Wait, her sex tape is right here, so why don’t you find out for yourself? If older women excite you like no one else, then you certainly have to look no further, because the hottest reality TV star and MILF, Farrah Abraham is baring her perfect pussy just for you. Also, known as ‘always backdoor MILF mom’ Farrah definitely knows how to take a hammering-in, in her ass. If that is not enough, along with that beautiful face she has one of the best jugs in the world. All you would want to be doing is squeezing them and sucking on them!

If she is not enough, how about the diva Kim Kardashian then? Kim Kardashians sex tape threw the world in frenzy when it was escaped to the internet! Kim Kardashian taking in that massive cock in her tight pussy with so much ease, makes you cock throb as you know that she can take some really good pounding. Her blowjob skills while she sucked on rapper Ray J’s big black cock will leave you panting!
The videos are available in high definition and the sound will make you feel like you are right there in the video, hearing her moan. Yes, Vivid really does know all the secrets to get you high on the kink!


Hasn’t all of this actually left you wanting to just go right ahead and subscribe to the website? Do you need any more incentive? Well, if you do, apart from the attractive pricing that they have, they also offer unlimited access to several of their other websites. And if that is not enough, they have one of the most fabulous servers, so their site crashing is never a problem! Also, with their no advertisement policy, you will never be interrupted by any ads or pop ups. You can be sure that your date with your favorite celebrity will never be disrupted.

The choices that this website provides, not just with women but also with the different categories made available, will make sure that you will just keep coming back for more. Happy days are here to stay!

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