Velvet Ectasy


Velvetecstasy is an x-rated focused porn site that provides entertainment for fans with a fetish for watching couples in the sack. There are numerous models engaged in sex encounters with virile dudes. It is one of the reality porn sites that update their content on regular basis. The scenes are typical amateur performances with remarkably sensual innuendos and overt sexual titillation strategies.

Design and Features

I admired the simplicity of the layout and design. The platform comes in blue and white color hues. There is a deliberate attempt to present a clear and uncluttered home page. The site sports some easy navigation features too. There is an elaborate set of videos organized according to time, sex acts, fetish and the year when the video was uploaded. I loved the fact that what I got after my subscription was exclusive. There are no live cams that come with my subscription but I’m not complaining. I won’t complain because I was given an alternative that works for me. Firstly, the site sports a variety of sex acts that provide constant entertainment. In addition, they present a rich array of bonus porn sites as XXX Feeds. It provides you with over 700 streaming channels. There is a rich array of HD video on the site. Users are privy to several descriptions of the scenes so that by the time they are watching they are brought into the relevant frame of mind. The site is also optimized for mobile access. I could sample the pics and videos whenever I wanted right from my Smartphone. The convenience this tweak brought was real value added on my subscription. Although the navigation is commendable and the browsing features user friendly, I still think the platform could throw in a few more user friendly features to help with browsing across the contents of the site.

Girls and Videos

The girls are sexy and attractive. Although there are some ordinary looking models around, I guess it is their way of making things look as natural as possible. In any case if the site focuses on couples it is only natural that the scenes feature a range of models from ordinary looking ones to more attractive and stunningly beautiful. The strategy makes it achieve its primary goal of appealing to the natural instincts. There are many scenes that feature amateur couples in steamy sex encounters. The videos seem to have been captured in circumstances that the couples hardly had an idea that all they were doing was being captured on camera. There are some exciting scenes in which the girls are featured showing off sexy lingerie and accessories. I also had a chance to watch the models in pussy shaving scenes. The temperature reached fever pitch when I opened the videos that feature the girls in hardcore sex encounters doing anals. Dudes engrossed in boob fucking encounters and girls pulling at each other’s cherries are only a tip of the items on this entertainment menu. There are over 1069 videos to sample on the platform. Each of the scenes comes with a 30 minute playback span. You also have a great number of galleries to view photos. Each of the galleries has a handsome set of 100 photos. Your files are made in MP4 and Flash.


Velvetecstasy provides sufficient browsing options for visitors. It is a great stop for fans with a fetish for amateur couple scenes. There are lots of extras and one of the richest networks of bonus sites you can access under a single subscription.

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