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Design and Features

There are many portals that are associated with serving the commoners with contents such as these. But it must be kept in mind that getting to these exclusive materials will take some work to be done on your part too. For starters, you will have to log on to the link and click on the link that will help in making the online form of registration application on the screen. The admin of the locale will need your personal details in order to make an account for you. This account can be accessed by you with an id and password. Payments will have to be made via online checks, VISA, JCB and the likes. With this one-time payment, you will get the license of enjoying the contents without any hindrance, for a specific period of time only. This payment will also open the doors of 9 other bonus sites to you. This portal has been conceptualized with a lot of care and creativity. As soon a s you open the locale, you will get to see the trailers of the full length and ultra HD movies. The movies can be yours if you download them with MP4 format at a resolution of 1280×720. If you are not a big fan of downloading then the option of streaming the feed directly on the internet is available to you. This can be finished via Flash and MPEG. There the resolutions of 320×240 are achievable. Along with model index to give you all the information related to the sex bombs, you will also get separate tabs for movies and videos. One thing that might bother you a bit is that you will not be able to get an entry into all the pages from a single interface. For each locale, you will have to sign-in in a new way.

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Girls and Videos

There are around 1200+ clips that will keep you busy for about 15 minutes per clipping. They are all available in HD and can be played in all sorts of display devices alike the tabs, PCs, smartphones etc. each video will come with its own set of still photographs that are at a resolution of around 1024×768. Each image can be opened in a full screen form and can be kept in the store by downloading all in the particular set via Zip filing. As for the total number of picture sets, you will get around 1115+ sets and each set will be carrying around 100 photographs, showing off the assets of the models from various age brackets and different ethnicities, each adding a new flavor to the videos.


Thus, it is a rather interesting journey for the adult video lovers, through the inner hallways of this portal. The ride that will be taking will make you realize that you are getting a lot in return for the money that you have invested in the membership of this site.

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