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If you have been watching porn for a while, chances are that you have started to become sick of it or bored by it. There is no option for someone that wants good quality porn because all that anyone is making is by the numbers, lowest common denominator porn that is easily palatable. Nobody is making anything exciting or challenging, they are just recording a guy putting his dick inside a girl’s pussy and thrusting for a little bit.

Technically you should be able to enjoy good porn if you pay for it, but the problem here is that you never really know what you are going to get. You might just end up getting great porn, but even if that is the case most sites don’t upload regularly enough and you are going to end up with very little porn to watch during your fap times.

TheLuckyMan, hence, is a great site for pretty much anybody that is looking to get a good experience out of porn. This site has it all and then some, and it really packs a punch as far as value goes. Gangbangs have been a very common feature in many porn sites. The problem with gang bangs is that it can become disgusting at times, especially when the guy’s climax on the lady enjoying the many cocks thrust inside her pussy and asshole. This is where TheLuckyMan scores over other gangbang sites.

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Design and Features

This website has been designed by a smart mind, because when you open it up one of the things that are most prominent is the fact that the videos are of a very high quality. You are treated to high-resolution pictures of the people involved, seeing pretty much everyone that you would be fapping too without the screen getting very crowded. You are given a spacious view of pretty much everything that the site has to offer.

Apart from the home page, you can go to the videos tab to see all of the porn that this site has to offer. Overall, the site is very easy to navigate, and if you are looking for a quickie you will be able to get to the porn you want to watch in less than a minute easily, and that’s if you are going pretty slowly! There is also a pretty great merchandise tab if you want to get some t-shirts or other stuff that advertises this amazing site, and the great thing about this merch is that it is quite cheap, just like everything else on this website.

A rather surprising feature that this site has is its logo. The logo is a four-leaf clover, and the rest of the site is coloured solely in shades of green as a result of this logo choice. This is a little risky because bright colours often don’t work well on a porn site, but somehow the designers of this site were able to make it work!
The most interesting thing about this site is that it is part of the PornstarNetwork, which is a network of fifty porn sites. That is a lot of porn! But what’s truly great about it is that if you subscribe to a single one of the sites within this network, including TheLuckyMan, you are going to gain access to pretty much every single site that is part of the network, and that is a really great thing for someone that is looking for some good porn to watch.

The value for money is beyond amazing, too. You can get a free two-day trial, after which you will have three payment options. The basic option is monthly, and the next option is quarterly! The best subscription, however, is without a doubt the annual subscription. For a very meagre amount, you have the biggest bargain in the porn industry. On access, you can download your videos, or view them streaming on your computers. In addition, you have access to the umpteen number of photographs of reverse gangbang in action.

Girls and Videos

The porn on this site seems to follow a rather specific niche, and that is very important because it allows you to see everything that you want to see without getting distracted by porn that you are not interested in. This is one of the benefits of there being fifty websites. Each website caters to a specific fetish, which makes it very useful to have this feature and get it at such a cheap price.

Indeed, when you are watching the porn the lighting is so perfect that it will almost feel like you are there, in the midst of it, and this is extremely hot. You are also really going to appreciate the fact that the porn does not seem fake at all, rather it seems like the sort of thing you would fantasise about. All in all, that’s what really sets the porn on this site apart. These videos are not just porn videos; they are fantasies brought to life. You will be able to feel like the alpha male who can seduce five or more women and have sex with all of them at the same time. You will feel like you can be the centre of attention for all of these utterly gorgeous women. And that makes the porn on this site better than anything else out there.

The guy is generally an Alpha Male and fantasy settings are employed. The women are drop-dead gorgeous, with superb assets and bodies to drool over. Firm and ample breasts, pussies that are hungry for a throbbing cock, and nipples that are yearning to be sucked, the women bare it all for you to cum.


In conclusion, this site has great content fitted into a great overall design scheme, and when you are using it you are certainly not going to regret buying the subscription. If you opt for the annual subscription, which is really only paying for three months and getting to watch twelve months’ worth of videos and photos, you are going to get forty-nine other websites to suit your needs, each of which will give you something special to enjoy the porn that you are watching.

In closing, this site is worth the money you are going to spend on it and then some. Highly recommended in every way to watch your fantasies come true, having guys enjoy 5-6 hot and pink pussies at a time. Get ahead and sign in for the annual subscription.

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