ThaiChix Review


I don’t know how you feel about Asian women. How could I, we just met? I can tell you one thing though, no matter how low or high you feel about them, after a few spins around ThaiChix and you’re going to feel much more highly about them. Let’s get one thing out of the way before we continue. Yes, the website is called ThaiChix, but there are more nationalities of Asian women on this site than just women from Thailand. There are women on this site from; Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, The Philippines, almost any Asian country you can name has a lady on this site proudly sucking and fucking for their country. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about some stuff I know you want to hear. Asian women are all you’ll see on ThaiChix. They may be with Asian guys, white guys, and even black guys, but the only type of woman you will see is Asian. ThaiChix has been on the internet for over 11 years. In that time, it has learned a lot about Asian porn. They’ve gotten so good at what they do that they were awarded the title of Best Asian site in 2010. After that they only got better because they were given the award again in 2011, 2012 and recently in 2014. Best hd porn site for Thai hot girls

Design and Features

They are always being voted the best for one simple reason. Because they constantly put out the best Asian porn on the internet. They not only have great videos, more than 250 to be exact, but they also have a collection of photos whose quality and quantity are a testament of the time that they’ve been in the business. Their collection boasts over 110,000 photos. But the fun doesn’t stop there. ThaiChix knows exactly what its members want, and that’s new content. They oblige us by releasing daily updates. Every day you will be greeted with new content, making sure that there’s always either a new video or new photos for you to enjoy. I say either but it might be more correct to say you get both, because every day you are guaranteed to be greeted with a new picture in the photo of the day section. The site can of course be viewed by anyone, but there is a member area that you must be a member to see. Until you do that, all the website lets you do is preview a few of their hundreds of thousands of photos. The site does not let you preview any videos at all, so you’re going to have to become a member to enjoy all of the far-east girls that ThaiChix has to offer. Don’t worry though, ThaiChix has a membership plan for every want and budget. If you just want a 3 day trial, that will only cost you $4.95. There is also a 10 day trial for only $9.95. In addition to that, there is everything a special going on that will give you a free 7 days of access to the site. That’s just a little something special just for you. They are offering this special to commemorate the fact that they were voted the best Asian site yet again for 2014. If a trial of the website is not enough for, there is also a 1 month membership option. The 1 month subscription is only $24.95. There is also a 2 month option that is only $44.95. Their last option is the best deal. For $69.95, you can access ThaiChix for a whole 6 months. That works out to about 40 cents a day. There are a lot of things you can spend 40 cents a day on, why not spend it on yourself and treat yourself to the best Asian porn on the internet.

Girls and Videos

ThaiChix wants to make sure that as many people as possible get to enjoy their site. They’ve got the best Asian site on the net and they love sharing, so they accept a large number of payment types and currencies. They accept credit cards, debit cards, and even checks. They accommodate what seems like the whole world because they accept American dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, British Pounds, Japanese Yen. ThaiChix realizes how important your privacy is to you, so when using a credit of debit card, ThaiChix will never appear on your billing statement. The website will appear as LMProduction, so if your wife asks just tell her you paid to have all your old VHS’s converted to DVD, then throw all your old VHS’s out. As if great prices, 7 days free, and the best Asian porn on the internet wasn’t enough, there’s even more that you’ll get once you become a member of ThaiChix. The first of these are the live cams that all become available to you once you become a member. You thought just watching pre-recorded videos of these girls was good, wait until you can actually talk to these Asian beauties and tell them exactly what it is that you want them to do. This service is free to you, provided that you are a member of ThaiChix.


With your membership, not only can you stream and instantly watch any of the videos that they have, you can also download and save any of the videos of photos on the site from the second you sign up to the website. ThaiChix is not one site in a network of many like some porn sites are, buying access to this site gets you access to this site only. After winning the Asian site of the year 4 times, I think it’s safe to say that ThaiChix has a reputation of putting out the best porn on the internet. This is your chance to be finally part of the best. You’ve always known you deserved the best, so that is what ThaiChix gives you, the best Asian porn you can find on the internet. Why be a part of the rest, when you can be part of the best.

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