There are pussies that just bore you to orgasm, and then there are pussies that can make you cum in one swift rhythmic contraction of their wet walls? What wouldn’t a man give to have the latter for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week? Not to worry boys, TeenyPlayground has just catered to that fantasy of yours with pussies that can put a ripe peach to shame. Dressed in cute PJs, tops and panties, these chicks are dressed to kill, salivated to suck and wet to fuck.

Design and Features

The homepage layout is good and befitting the nature of the porn videos at display and the general theme of the storyline. The pinkish aura of the homepage brings out the cute cuddly bodies of the chicks. The website is pretty easy to navigate with each scene getting its own feature on the pages.

Links to the videos are provided alongside luscious images of the girls in doggystyle and other positions. The videos offer High Definition trailers to the videos which gave me a good strong boner. I couldn’t resist buying the whole scenes. Overall, the design and features are adequate. There is no separate mobile version of the site which makes it hard to navigate through the limited dimensional screen of a mobile as one has to zoom and go zig zag in order to browse the full width and length of the site. Otherwise the images are too little which bugs a lot. This department could do with an improvement.

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Girls and Videos

The girls are not busty as in they do not possess the boobs that can milk much, but they are cute and brandish very ripe nipples. There are some familiar models as well as some unknown faces. The girls include BellaBaby, Pinky June and Amy Pink among others. There is considerable foreplay in some of the videos while not so much in the others.

The ambience is enhanced by the directional techniques employed by the professionals where the sofas they fuck on are striking pink in color which helps in reiterating the theme of fresh banging. The cute ponytails swing from side to side while the girls get drilled is pretty much a constant feature of the videos. So some untied hair here and there are a welcome change to the almost monotonous routine of the ponytails. Nevertheless, the girls are all very cute and freshly unique.

The site offers 33 videos, each video offering a seductively playful fucking of 25 minutes each. The videos are in High Definition. Members are privileged to have access to all six of this network’s sites which include “ShootYourself” and “Fakeshooting” which is real nice since you can switch between different themed porn genres. This adds real value for your membership plan. Users have the option to either buy a membership plan to have unlimited access to all content or buy individual scenes for credits. Membership plans include three offers of 30 days, 180 days and 365 days of completely secure and discreet access. 


Fresh pussies aching for fulfilling dicks and clitoris stimulation is a recipe for turn on and TeenyPlayground has marked its territory in this department. However, the quantity should be more and the website should see more regular updates. But the variety that this network offers is pretty awesome and makes it a desirable package to purchase.

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