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SugarInstant, formerly known as Sugar DVD, is known for two things – quality and convenience. A lot of hot sex can be found on this site since there are well over 200,000 DVDs available for rent. The latter also means that there are plenty of hot girls who look different as well and fuck in various positions.

You can also get to pick from your favorite categories and remove all of those that you don’t like. Advertising is always kept to the minimum, which has always got its fair share of advantages as members will spend less time finding their favorite videos.

You can rest assured to find live shows and the hosts of your dreams to help you cum faster. You can get to pick out the host of your choice and schedule for your favorite show.

SugarInstant also has a wide variety of fetishes, in addition to the good quality videos that they offer. If you love hot strippers, cute faced girls with big, juicy breasts and awesome dick riding skills, then you ought to use the features provided to find them. Some of these features that you are expected to use include the following:

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Design and Features

As you are scrolling in a bid to find your favorite videos, you will see girls fucking in different positions and doing lots of different erotic stunts for your viewing pleasure.

A ten-day free trial is awarded to all the members. This way, you will roam freely and finally decide if this is your place or not. And most people always end up becoming members because of the quality porn it has to offer. Members can also get to book live shows. But first, you will have to pick out the girls that you find most attractive. Expect about 3,000+ movies for streaming and about 200,000+ DVDs for rent via mail.

On top of that, these girls provide the fetishes that you love. You should, therefore, go to their respective profiles for their photos and hobbies. Dubbed as the Netflix of porn, you will stand a chance to watch from devices such as Roku, Google TV, IPad, IPod, Boxee, PlayStation and other devices as well.

Girls and Videos

SugarInstant is known for its beautiful and daring women. Whether it’s the brunettes or the blondes that you love, you will always get whatever you feel like in. With a wide variety of hot girls comes a wide range of fetishes that will keep you entertained erotically. If you love threesomes or blowjobs or double penetration, all you need to do is pick out your favorite.

Most of the girls are white, though you can find a couple of girls from different ethnicities for you. Apart from being mostly naked, some of these girls are also in nice, seductive lingerie that will always catch your attention at all times. It’s very nice to watch how dedicated these girls are in every video, which always translates to erotically charged videos that will blow your mind away.

SugarInstant also has got girls with either big breasts or big butts or both. Others just want to strip tease you the best way that they know and it prepares you for the amazing fuck that is about to go down. Some of these hot girls have got nice tattoos, which should appeal to those who love badass girls with badass tattoos. And the same kind of quality is also reflected in the videos that SugarInstant has in store for you. The titles are short and usually give you a glimpse of what to expect. For example, a title like “Please Fuck My Tits 2” is somewhat straightforward. You will know that there is some beautiful, horny girl with a juicy pair of tits that loves having them being fucked as hard as possible.

Another example of an appropriate title is “Pretty Woman”, which clearly indicates that the girl who is about to get fucked is indeed pretty. There is a blue patch on each video with all the information that you need. There are people fucking with inflatable dolls, using toys such as dildos or even better, getting to fuck the traditional way. And speaking of traditional fucking, I mean having a cock fucking a pussy. In one video, there is this hot, naked girl who is sucking the juice out of a throbbing dick and has a messy cum on her face.


Everything that you have ever imagined about a perfect porn site is found on SugarInstant. You will have the opportunity to pick out from a bevy of hot, horny pornstars and get to use the best features too. These girls come in all kinds of varieties including hair color, body shapes and sizes and most importantly, their fetishes. If you want those cute girls with round butts and love creampies, then you will get them.

The same applies when you want those cute girls with nice, round breasts. I also loved that almost all of the sex was done without a condom. And the latter means that you have the messy, sensual creampies to always look forward to.

The color scheme is very simple, which will also make it easier for you to read the information on the videos with ease. The sex is uncut and very hardcore, which will definitely leave you with a hard dick that needs to be pleasured. Apart from the content being of the highest quality, you will also realize that there is a huge collection of videos and DVDs too. 

I loved the 10-day free trial policy which most of the potential members get the chance to check out and make up their minds on the videos that they fancy. Get to check out SugarInstant today for some of the best erotic moments!!

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