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Porn these days is just not the sort of thing that the average porn viewer would want to pay for. The reason for this is that the quality of porn has declined a great deal. The vast majority of porn sites try to create a very bland, vanilla experience for the purpose of getting as many people involved as they possibly can. This means that if you are a variety of different kinks and fetishes you are not going to be able to find something that is worth your money. There are sites out there that do try to provide some decent content, but the problem with these sites is that they are too expensive to even consider.

When you look for a porn site, you want one that is accessible, has good quality porn and is affordable for you. This may seem like an impossible combo, but a site like SmutMerchants would love to prove you wrong. This site has a lot of great things about it, but the aspect of the site that you are perhaps going to love the most is the fact that the site has so many amazing discounts available. On top of the very low monthly subscription that this site offers, lower than the vast majority of porn subscriptions available on the internet these days, the site also gives you the chance to get a whopping fifty percent off if you go for the annual subscription package.

This means that if you intend to use the site for the long term you are going to get some serious benefits. However, is this site truly worth a long term commitment? Read the review that has been provided below. It will give you all of the information you need.

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Design and Features

The design of this site is a thing of beauty. The creators of the site really know how to use color, and they use this knowledge to their advantage. The background of the site is a soft, creamy white, one that evokes feelings of relaxation and calmness. The best thing about this color is that it allows you to get into the mood. When you jerk off, you are going to want to be as relaxed as you can possibly be. The problem here is that most porn sites do not have a very relaxing color scheme. Instead, they provide you with a very loud and obnoxious color scheme that will probably end up giving you a headache. The fact that the color scheme on this site is not just subtle but actually elevates the overall quality of the porn makes it a great site in my book. There is a lot more that the site has to offer in the color department. Apart from the creamy white, you get some really soft shades of purple as well. The benefit of these purple shades is that they evoke a very naughty mood. Feeling calm and naughty is exactly the sort of thing that would make you enjoy the porn videos that this site has to offer as much as possible, so it is fair to say that the way colors have been used here will really improve and elevate your experience on this site.

Additionally, the site has a very good mobile version that you are really going to enjoy using. This mobile version works on pretty much every device, so when you use the site you aren’t just getting some great design, you are going to get a lot of accessibility as well.

Girls and Videos

The way the porn industry works means that there is usually not a lot of variety in the porn videos that you watch. Instead of getting a diverse cast of girls, you are usually stuck with the same two or three girls being used over and over again. This means that you are going to end up getting bored of the porn that most of these sites have to offer quite quickly.

This is not going to be the case at all with SmutMerchants, and the reason for this is that the site has put a great deal of effort into casting all kinds of girls for you. You don’t just get the blonde porn star stereotype that you are probably tired of by now. You get some older women as well, along with girls of all kinds of different skin colors. If you love women that are black, you are really going to have a good time on this site. There are not all that many sites that use black girls in their videos, but this site knows that there are a lot of people out there that would love to watch a black girl get fucked. Hence, no matter what your kink or fetish is, you are going to find something worth watching on this site for sure.

When you pay for a service you want it to be the sort of thing that you can use again and again. This is exactly what this site provides, which means that you are going to get some serious value for your money when you subscribe to it.


There are too many good things about this site to list in one, short review. In order to fully understand what this site has to offer you need to go to it and subscribe immediately. There are so many different subscription options available that you are going to find something for you without a doubt. When you look at the porn that is available on the site you are going to realize that you can find yourself coming back here again and again. In order to take advantage of this site’s long-term appeal, you really should go for a long term subscription. An annual subscription can get you fifty percent off, which is a far bigger discount than any other website would be able to offer you.

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