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There are many debates regarding the female orgasm. Does it even exists, or just the women made it up, to tread our manhood to the ground, telling us we are not good enough for them? As far as a man with normal sexual life can tell, there is woman orgasm, and woman are capable of two: one can be reached by teasing the clitoris and one inside the vagina. The site, ShesGonnaSquirt can provide you with hot female orgasm, mostly from the second kind (but there is a third, if you consider the orgasm during anal sex) that is so intense, that the woman ejaculates. In the average, everyday sex life, the female ejaculation, the squirting seems just an urban legend, quite sure you (just like this writer) never saw a woman squirting.

To make a woman to reach that high level of excitement requires (at least it seems like it from the scenes) hard pounding with a large dick, or a very advanced fingering and licking techniques. ShesGonnaSquirt is part of Brazzers, which is one of the largest companies in the US online porn industry. Brazzers has a long history in online porn, and in a decade it become a leader in the industry, producing quality hardcore porn, and building a large network, with 30 sites, each having a main niche. ShesGonnaSquirt is a kind of mix of all videos, you can find all squirting scenes of Brazzers at one place, since it is a niche in porn industry. The network has 30 sites, and you can get access to all of them by registering on ShesGonnaSquirt, and you immediately become able to browse and watch everything you want. The content produced by Brazzers is exclusive, you can’t find it on other sites, if you do, than they are either do business with Brazzers, or they simply stole the content. Anyway, the most important thing you need to know, that the word Brazzers is a guarantee, that you get high quality hardcore porn movies no matter where you found it, since the studio is and it’s site is a multiple award winner, and well-recognized in the industry.

she's gonna squirt preview

Design & Features

The tour page of ShesGonnaSquirt is plain and simple. In fact, at first look, one wouldn’t expect much from the site, it’s so… well, simple. There is a main heading with the logo of the site in a montage of squirting pussies. Under that there is large compilation of thumbnails located, and each can either get you to the video if you are a member, or take you the joining page. Inside the members’ area you will get some filtering and sorting options, and since there isn’t such a large compilation of squirting scenes, advanced searching is not available. However, you can reach the whole collection of Brazzers, and the tag filter will help you to find the desired scenes fast and easy. ShesGonnaSquirt has videos that are different in quality. Most scenes are in either 720p or 1080p HD, and it seems that there are some older videos in SD, but they still give enjoyable playback (after all, it’s been ten years since Brazzers started). When you log in you land on the main hub of Brazzers where you can start watching the scenes right away opened in the same browser window. You can adjust the quality and the size for better performance. If you do not really like watching videos in your internet browser, you can save all scenes, since there are no restrictions and limitations on downloads. Both the download and the embedded player has extra features: the list of different parts of the sex is listed, and you can jump to there in the player; as for downloads, you can save the flicks in shorter, five minute clips. There are picture galleries accessible, each video has one that usually consists of photos and screen captures that are either viewable or downloadable in a zip file.

Girls & Videos

You can find 95 hardcore porn scenes on ShesGonnaSquirt, and they all presents the hardest of hard porn, because making a woman squirt can’t be done with some light licking and fucking. Squirting requires very hard sex, and that’s what you can expect on ShesGonnaSquirt. In these scenes not just the guy ejaculates for his pay (that’s why they pay them after all, that’s the reason why it’s called moneyshot), but the female model too, and sometimes she just can’t stop it, and the whole staff and the equipment becomes wet.

If you want to know what’s happening on the scenes you can rest assured that there is a lot going on. You can watch couples and threesomes, and there are straight and lesbian scenarios too. The sex that takes place is really hard, and you can find some rough sex scenes too, since Brazzers is not afraid of those who frown on this kind of sex. All movies on the site are last for 20-30 minutes, and they all full: you can watch here sucking and licking, then pussy fucking in various positions and there are lot of anal fuck too, and they do it until they both cum. The woman on the scenes are all porn stars, some of them may look familiar if you ever encountered Brazzers scenes somewhere online. These are horny, busty women who look pretty good, and they have awesome bodies. You can find natural beauties and lots of models with something artificial on their bodies.


This site of the Brazzers is a unique collection of hardcore porn, because no matter what they say, squirting is not an easy thing, and if someone can do it, deserves to be highlighted on a dedicates site. That is the main reason why can find just 95 scenes on ShesGonnaSquirt. But don’t be afraid, you won’t get too see them all until the next update, but if you manage to do so, it would be foolish not to take advantage of the awesome membership that gives access to over 7000 professional hardcore porn videos

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