I love watching videos from the first person view, as seeing the dick grow hard, the seduction games take place, the girls get on their knees, everything just seems more real, and that turns me on in an instant. Well, it got to the point where it turns me on even more, because I found the site for the POV videos, and it is called POVD. There you will find hardcore sex mixed with passion and a good story, too.

Design and Features

Once I got to the site’s home page, I was mesmerized, and rightly so. The first thing that I saw when I got there was an animated window where scenes from a movie were shown, and the window is huge. The level of detail in the video was astounding, especially because the windows is so large, so getting horny comes with the first thing you look at on this site. The rest of the page is home to previews, which are every bit as attractive as the one mentioned, yet not so large. With a slick black background, and yellowish buttons that easily guide you to where you want to be, this site is really simple and easy to navigate. With many features that you get access to as a member, it is great to become one, for a cheap price, too. I also loved the fact that the site has no lag, at all, so that you can browse the pages without any worries, on the mobile devices, too, as it is optimized.

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Girls and Videos

I have yet to talk about what actually makes this site great, and that is, of course, the many videos that you get access to once you join. The videos themselves are great, because they are shot in wonderful full HD, which enables you to see every little detail on the girls’ bodies, and they are great because the girls in the videos are absolutely hot. That means that their tight bodies will make you beg for more, as they are very lustful, and have a craving for dicks that they must absolutely satisfy, in every way. They love satisfying them, too, and you will see them eat cum, lick balls, and caress the dicks, too. The girls will do that with their mouth, too, as deepthroating is something they prefer. Anal sex is not uncommon to see on this site, because there is nothing like a rim job to get them to that screaming orgasm, the mind blowing one that leaves the viewers with their mouths gaping. With every video lasting at least over 20 minutes, it gets even better, as there are so many of them, over 300, with new ones being added tri weekly. That is not all, of course, because with the membership comes the option to download the movies, all of them, if you can, in different formats, MPEG, WMV, IPhone, and for other mobile devices, and you can stream them, in full HD, HD, or SD quality.


Join this site if you want to see full HD videos of girls sucking dicks and riding them, from the first person, that is, the male perspective. Anal sex, blowjobs, facials, creampies, all of that is on the site, and more, because you can download every video that you like, once you join, of course, and in different formats. With so many videos to choose from, it is clear that this site will not disappoint you.

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