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When you speak of PandaFuck, then what comes to mind is that cute bear looking wild animal that people love so much. And staying true to that name, you will be in a position to enjoy some incredible fucking where guys who are shot in panda costumes are ready to kick back and enjoy watching cute women getting fucked as hard as possible in different positions.

And what I really enjoyed as far as this site is concerned is just how different it was and in the end, I really got the opportunity to enjoy myself to the fullest. The directors also did such a fine job while shooting both the videos as well as photos as they not only have a very impressive quality but the storylines that are being followed in here are rather too amazing at the end of the day.

This site has also managed to bag the Rabbit Review RISE Awards and for that matter, you need to make sure that you are in a position to enjoy yourself by selecting a video that you love and enjoying to the fullest. And so without further ado, here are some of the unmistakable qualities that you can enjoy when you visit PandaFuck.

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Design and Features

PandaFuck is known for its very friendly design that all of the users always appreciate as it gives them such an easy time to enjoy. And as if that’s not all, the already simplified navigation will be made much easier thanks to the advanced searching tools that always will make your life very easy at the end of it all. And that said, always make sure that you have the opportunity to make yourself as comfortable as possible and get to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Different mp4 options are available in here to ensure that you are in a position to pick the one that is compatible with the device that you are using to view your porn which is such an amazing feeling altogether and that said you will get to enjoy watching your porn. The flash player also makes your streaming in PandaFuck much more efficient than usual, which is also an added advantage altogether. There are plenty of other features but you will be required to attain membership to benefit from them.

Girls and Videos

PandaFuck, as it has already been stated above, has some hot girls who are getting fucked as hard as possible with guys in pandas, which goes a long way in making sure that all of the action is out of this world. And on top of it all, you will be in a position to check out their pussies in close-up as they get licked and fingered to the point that their thighs will tremble and their cunts will be drooling with nothing but clear, sticky vaginal fluid which is just too good to be true and will most definitely catch your attention.

Generally, all of these girls are always cute. But on top of everything else, you will be in a position to kick back and get the chance to enjoy seeing all of these girls making an effort to enjoy the sex as well as make the “panda” feel good as well. And the end result of such kind of effort from both the guy and the girl is what makes the sex be too hot for this life.

And apart from being the ones to enjoy the sex, these girls will also be in a position to suck the cocks as slowly as possible, making sure that the guys in panda masks are feeling as though they are on top of the world as they get their long cocks sucked as slowly as possible. And the good news is that the directors will make sure you don’t miss any of that action as these huge, throbbing cocks slide in and out of their slippery mouths for a while. They also have different kinds of pussies and some prefer to be fucked while naked and some while having some lingerie on. And that said you will be left with a choice to enjoy any one that you love without straining to watch as it is the case with all of the low-quality material out there that you will get the chance to see from other sites.

Apart from sucking and getting their pussies fucked, you will also stand a chance to enjoy lots of solo action including dildos altogether. In total, there are 32 muted videos altogether. And in addition to that, there are 32 photo sets available in PandaFuck that you need to check out upon visiting the site.


You will be in a position to just kick back and make sure that you are able to find all of the erotic content being offered in here. And speaking of erotic content, the first thing that you will have no other choice but to notice will be none other than the high-quality videos as well as photos that you can get to choose from.

Also, it isn’t that much of a big secret that PandaFuck does have a very good design that allows for navigation to be incredibly easy therefore saving you a lot of time in the process. And that said you will most definitely be in a position to just kick back and find all that you need without any hesitation. And to make matters even better, all of these videos are in high definition, meaning that you will be in a position to capture all of the action, including the scintillating close up fucking without any problems at all. And that said to make a point of checking them out today!

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