What Is This All About

First of all we ascertained that it was indeed a porn site. Next we found out that they are out of Great Britain, and thus have some of the most loveable and desirable European porn stars who are going to be on this site. Next we found out that the pictures and videos that we are about to see on this site are not going to be showing tunnel shots of wide open pussies. Thus we now understand it very well when they say that they are specializing in the erotic as they like to put it. Now the other thing that we learned is that they are shooting all of their own stuff, thus everything you will see here will always be exclusive. Following all this we also found out that their videos will have a choice of being either a Hi Def, meaning High Definition, the video for download or SD, which stands for standard definition. We love that they have given us the choice, as not everyone can totally tell the difference between the two. Now if you are a videophile, then you will know, but otherwise you may just not care as long as you download movies to have them in your library for later. All together, they claim to have over 4,900 of those HD high quality videos all arranged for you to watch in different ways. For example you can certainly utilize their Flash program and stream them. Or you can watch them as WMV or MP4, again you are given the choice.
Only All Sites has some different sites underneath them or in their control if you wish. For example there is Only Opaques, Only Tease, Only Silk, Only Secretaries and Satin, Only Melanie and Only Carla. In each of those instead of spread pussy shots you will find truly beautiful models who are modeling opaque stockings as well as pantyhose. They also model some great looking shoes that go with whatever else they are wearing. In other words everything that they do is done with taste and decorum. The reason is that not everyone wishes to see spread pussies that enables you to see way up inside each girl, some people wish to admire women for their amazing beauty instead. Thus we can call this site soft core as opposed to hardcore.
Now because it is indeed soft core, here is what to expect. You will see original scenes which will comprise of loads of sexy teasing, some erotic stripping, and then there are seduction plays all done in stunning soft core scenes.
One of the things that they are especially proud of is that their photos are professionally made of each model. Also, the photos are all what they refer to as ultra-sized as they are 2000X3000 pixel photographs. Now since most of their models have on average about 125 images of themselves, this is important and especially to the photo collector. Also, most picture collectors will be very glad to hear that all of the mages on this site are being made available in 3 different sizes (1000, 2000, or 3000 pixels).
As for their videos, we find that the videos are all available in Wide Screen and of course, as mentioned, they are all available in Hi Def as well if that is your desire. When the models make videos often they make more than one. Some of the models, such as Sammy Braddy have made as many as 4 videos. Now with Sammy that is very understandable as she is one fine looking woman!


In addition

Now that you have a working idea as to what the site is all about you will also probably want to know that they feature a public forum on their site. This public forum is utilized to discuss all the sites that Only Sites has, as well as being able to request your very favorite shots. However they utilize this forum for more than that, and it is all especially for you.
Now if you came to this site to record some of their videos, you will be quite happy to hear that they have been given the “best tease site” on the Internet. Of course they are proud of that!
Still More Information about This Site
Even though this site does not promulgate open pussy shots as so much porn does today, they have still taken care to belong to ASACP. This association has done much to protect people who are not adults from seeing adult sites that they are not allowed to see. They also work with the FBI as well as the U.S. Customs Service in doing all that they can to enforce all relevant laws. It is an American organization that is totally non-profit, which is as it should be. They also have been providing an online hotline that can be utilized by web surfers to report sites that advocate any suspected type of pornography. The ASACP also works diligently with the NCMEC and it also functions with European hotlines too.

Signing Up

They have created much signup options for you. For example you can use CCBill, Epoch, Debit Card as well as Direct Debit to do so. Also they have also added PayPal as a means of pay. As for membership options, that has also been well dealt with, for you can have a 30 day option, a 60 day option or a 90 day option, whichever is best for you.
If you decide that you like the 30 day option, that is going to cost you $44.95 per month. If instead you prefer to go for the 60 day option, that will cost you $74.95 for 2 months, thus saving you some money if you go with that one. As for the 90 day option, that particular one will run you $99.95 for that 3 month period. To summarize, they have all types of plan and select which best suits you. So, what are you waiting for?

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