Seduction is the name of the game I was really interested in, seduction, passion and hardcore sex in fresh girls. Surfing the web made that an easier thing to find, especially when I found Nylon Sweeties, a site where the girls are innocent looking but have about themselves an experience or love for sex, that makes you aroused in a matter of seconds. Add to that a surprise I’m going to mention later, and we have a no brainer.

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Features and Design

When I first opened the site, I immediately got a boner, seeing a stunning, black haired beauty looking at me, smiling, all the while, she was sitting on her side, her legs bent in her knees, taking a huge cock in her pussy. The combination of the amazingly innocent look and the blatantly obvious hardcore sex got me up instantly. Need I mention the sweet dark blue nylons that she was wearing, matching her mesmerizing eyes? Yeah, the design won me over, as I scrolled down, I also found to my liking the vast amount of videos and captions, each describing the video in such a manner that makes you think that each and every one of them is the right choice for you. Now comes a serious problem, as you cannot play them all at the same time, though, the sorting option does help with the choice, although just a bit, as the porn is so great. With a great navigation, the site only becomes better, even on mobile phones, giving you a smooth experience.

Girls and Videos

The girls are the best part of the site, by far, as they have the sexiest bodies you can imagine, but what really separates them is their love of sex and taking a huge cock. That can be easily seen by their expressions and the way they handle themselves and their partners, whether they are taking a cock in the pussy, or in the ass. Each shot looks fabulous. Besides the already mentioned black haired beauty, you can add to that list blonds, redheads, brunettes, redheads, all sexy and adorable, all wearing nylon and starting the process of seduction in a very gentle, almost intimate way. Once they get a bit naked, you can see the love for hardcore sex come out, as they tend to grab that cock and suck on it with such passion that the image alone is worth an orgasm, or two. That is usually what happens, although a bit later, when they finish fucking each other, in the pussy or the ass. Once they grab and suck out all the cum from the big dicks, only then do the videos end, usually after half an hour or so. Given how they are updated weekly, I really enjoyed the fact that there is fresh porn every week, especially since it is all in crystal clear full HD. What I also mentioned is the surprise, which comes in the form of live camera chat and fifty three more sites, that you get for free once you sign up, making the membership plan stand out from all the other sites by so much that signing up is just a matter of pressing a button, the already small fee becoming insignificant.

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