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Girls come in many sizes and shapes but you have got to admit that each of them is beautiful in their own ways. If you were going to ask me what my most favorite thing on Earth is, I would unwittingly just blurt out ‘girls’ and agree with myself as I go because that is how much I am into them. Sure, it may sound like a “normal” thing when you are straight man but I prioritize my ladies and that means countless hours of porn on the internet, if you know what I mean. Now, if you are just like me and enjoy the company or the thought of girls, may they be virtual or not, then you are probably going to enjoy the many things that porn sites bring.

A personal favorite of mine has always been those “point of views” sort of porn scenes because they make you feel things – like you are an initial part of the whole debacle and I am not just talking about foreplay and the way you jerk off to adult films. Point of View or POVs are popular nowadays because they make the viewer feel like they are a huge part of the whole thing and that is even better when it comes to porn. Whether you are new to it or just like it in general, you should check out the greatness that is NewGirlPOV.

This particular porn site does not only offer the best “pov” scenes, the girls here are absolutely charming and it is easy to get hooked as soon as you get in here. The primary niches they take on seem to whirl around amateur girls, hardcore sex, and a bunch of other fetishes. It was launched just in late 2015 and has been under the Porn Mastermind network the entire time. Sure enough, there are plenty of other porn sites that coddle the same genre but I assure you that this one right here takes the cake.

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Design and Features

I am so used to porn sites being heavily bedazzled these days that I am numb to the core whenever I see glitters plaguing a really good adult site with potential – which is why I truly appreciate porn sites that are composed with simplicity and just an ounce of peace in their system. This right here is what NewGirlPOV brings to the table when it comes to their design – simplicity and elegance. They seem to have opted for a minimalist sort of scheme, with black and white as their main perspective.

The navigation of the site is very basic since there are only a few links that it offers. The links are very fundamental and only consists of the more vital ones so just a heads up, do not be alarmed at the lack of buttons. Before anything else, you do have to register and make yourself a premium member. Premium membership is just a simple registration process and considering this is a pay site, you would have to opt for a payment plan and a payment method. Both plan and method have plenty of options to choose from so it does not necessarily mean you are stuck to only one choice. If you have managed to get past that, then you can do whatever it is you want in here. No limits, and definitely no ads.

The top menu bar consists of only the ‘Home’ button; it will automatically take you to the main page, no matter where you are in the site at this point. The main page is where you will find all the newly uploaded scenes. These scenes are represented by large video thumbnails which when clicked, will take you to the respective scene. Next up is the ‘Girls’ button, which I think is the most important out of the others. This is because you can access a lot of things in here like the model index, the girls’ corresponding photo sets, and videos. Soon as you get here, you will see different portraits of different girls. Clicking on one will automatically send you to a page where you can find that particular girl’s videos, photos, and ratings. This is part of the reason why the site does not have any filtering or sorting options. I would honestly say that this method is better because it is a little more detailed compared to the former.

You can also access the photo sets from there on. Right now, the site currently has 20+ photo sets and each contains about 100 photos inside of each girl. You can download it in zip file. Another exciting thing you should be looking out for here is your free unlimited access to 20 different hardcore porn sites that are under the Porn Mastermind network. Added up, the collection you have access to is incredible.

Girls and Videos

As we speak, the site has 20+ models present. Each of these beautiful ladies has hers very own scenes and they make it the best you would probably see. These cuties seem to be really fresh and they love every bit of fucking and the rest of the activities that go with it like foreplays, fingering, blow jobs, and a whole lot more. The most unique thing about this site is that it is captured in a “point of view” kind of way and so the viewers will have a more realistic feel towards each of the scenes. It would seem like the members of the site are the ones doing the naughty things towards the girl and that in itself, calls for a celebration.

The models are actually “scored” and an overall rating is seen in each of their model biographies. From there, you can comment about them and about their videos. You can also rate them yourself and the scenes they star in. All the content here is very exclusive so the experience is totally unique.

In addition, there are various methods to view the 45-minute scenes. You can download them in numerous formats like MP4. You may also view them in your browser via streaming, as long as your embedded Flash player is recently updated. All the scenes are in high definition, with everything at a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. There is no download limit but the content count goes as far as 20+ at the moment. Not to worry though because updates have been rolling fastidiously these past months.


Content wise, the site needs a little vamping up but with little updates here and there, they could come up with a really good one. The exclusivity in here is great and this one over here has plenty of potential. The quality is wonderful and amazing, and the features are great. NewGirlPOV is totally worth every penny in your pocket, trust me.

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