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On the MyLesboGF you can find a large collection of softcore and hardcore porn videos, featuring some stunning amateurs, who are experimenting with lesbian love or are actual lesbians. In case you enjoy watching two girls making sweet love, it’s just certain that the MyLesboGF will satisfy your every need. This site grants you access to a really hot collection of porn videos, and as you can see, these girls really like what they do; though some are just fooling around, others take it quite seriously and lick hard to make the other reach the peak. Since it’s hardly four years old, the MyLesboGF doesn’t have such a huge collection. However, at this time it probably contains all amateur porn videos with lesbian sex that it’s possible to dig up all over the web. As many sites of its kind, the MyLesboGF has batched updates, on a really irregular base. It’s quite certain though that the site keeps updating, and on each occasion, several videos and somewhat less photo sets are added. If you join the MyLesboGF, you are granted with a full access to the 15+ sites, which means more than 6,800 porn videos for you to watch. Apart from this evidently huge bonus, you can get your hands on some professional content. As at all sites of the company that runs this page, a huge library of hardcore porn DVDs is also featured. If you are a member, you can browse over 5,000 titles, covering various niches, coming from different studios.

Design & Features

The MyLesboGF is pretty simple, at least its tour page is. You will see a large banner, then a long list of the videos. You can’t really do anything else rather than scrolling down the page and taking a look at those thumbnails. If you have spent enough time with browsing, it will be high time to decide about joining or not. It’s a bit unfortunate that they don’t list the bonuses on the tour page, it could be better at convincing folks to join. In case you decide to enlist on the site, you will find yourself at a very neat page, with hot content listed in the main area, and some nice menus to help you find your way around. Most content is tagged, so the search engine can help you list only stuff you are interested in. The main menu has all options you need to reach the site’s content and the bonuses. You have two options: watch the scenes right away in your browser, or save them and watch later. No matter which method you choose in fact, because they all offer the same quality, which is just a wee bit below average. The playback is smooth however, and the videos are really enjoyable overall. The photos here are really fun, since the girls seem to like fooling around. Some of them are just about posing and smiling, while others feature actual intercourse. You can view them online or offline by saving the zip files offered.

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Girls & Videos

Since the MyLesboGF is a girls-only site, that’s the only gender you can see featured in the videos here. Lesbian sex is a hot and popular thing, and in most cases it’s also really beautiful. Naturally, it wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t done by gorgeous girls, professionals and amateurs alike. On the MyLesboGF you can enjoy the cute love performed by hot amateurs in the age-range of 20-25 or under-twenty. If you are familiar with the lesbian niche, you probably know that amateur girls really like to do it or pretend to do it. Their adventurous approach is the main thing that makes them so amazingly tempting, and it’s the most important factor which we thank these hot videos and photos on the MyLesboGF. These girls are very hot, and if you like perfectly shaped and shaved pussy and an overall natural appearance, you will certainly enjoy exploring this collection. You will find here Caucasians mostly, but since it’s a collected compilation from all around, you can enjoy the lesbian adventures of Black, Latina and Asian cuties just to mention the most popular ethnicities. The girls are very varied, and in case you enjoy variety and sexiness, you will appreciate this collection. What these girls do is outrageous. It’s one thing that they get naked in front of each other, but when they start fooling around one another’s body, you may know that something nasty is going to happen. Since this site is all about home-made lesbian sex, you can enjoy watching cute, real girls going wild with each other, and though the quality isn’t too good (it’s home-made after all), you can have your fun here. Every video features lesbian sex, and there is nothing else taking place. Due to the fact that in most videos the girls are just fooling around and experimenting, the scenes are really softcore, and mostly resort to fingering, cunilingus and analingus. Some of the horniest chicks introduce dildos and strap-on too, and thus create a more hardcore feeling. Practically it doesn’t really matter which way these girls reach the peak of their excitement, its plain amazing to see them go off while their body writhe and they moan with pleasure. Right now the MyLesboGF has nearly 200 videos for you. Though their length is very varied from 2 minutes clips to 15 minutes long scenes, they will surely entertain you for a good time.


The MyLesboGF has a decent collection of porn, though the quality is not so decent, it’s still quite enjoyable. Those who prefer to watch hardcore sex, and don’t really enjoy watching cocks drilling those nice pussies, will certainly appreciate this site. The cute, yet pretty wild lesbian love these girls to simply arousing, and anyone with a bit of interest in this type of porn will enjoy this collection. Naturally, you should consider the network access and the DVD compilation you get too.

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My Lesbo Gf
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