Have you ever dreamed of becoming a massage therapist? It is not exactly the type of job or career that someone would actually dream of doing, right? However, after viewing the videos on the porn site that we are going to review today, the line of job had totally won us over. Honestly, some guys in our office even started joking that they would quit their job and be a massage therapist instead. So, if you don’t have a job right now, then we totally suggest for you to take a look into applying for this gig – it might change your life for the better. After viewing the porn videos in the porn site that we are going to feature today, we are sure that you would find that being a massage therapist can be a very fulfilling job. Anyway, here is the porn site that we are going to feature today. It is called Massage Room Seduction. We have already reviewed another porn site that operates in the same niche as this one in the past, but on that site, it was the ladies who gave massages to men with really tense and hard muscles. This time, though, the tables are turned, and it’s the other way around. We will witness porn videos with male massage therapists, touching, stimulating, and seducing women until they get dripping wet and horny that they’d want to get fucked already. Massage Room Seduction is actually part of the porn network, Reality Sex Network. This porn network is also home to other interesting porn sites on different niches like Handcraft (where you would be able to watch masturbation videos), Horny Black Girls (for those who enjoy watching the hottest black ladies on porn), and finally, Gonzo World (for those who are looking for gonzo porn videos), just to name a few. However, let us now move on to the exciting part. It is very rare to find a premium porn site like Massage Room Seduction that offers this kind of perk, but they sure do: their membership is completely free! And by that, we mean that you can just go to their site right now, fill up the sign-up form and that’s it! You can already start streaming and downloading their full videos. And because this is a premium porn site, the quality of the videos that you are going to see here are great, shot with good equipment with brilliant lighting – basically the same as the videos that you are going to get from other sites, only this time, you are not going to pay for anything. This free membership only lasts for a month, though. Want to make it last for a year? Yes, you can do that too. You can get a one-year membership for free if you sign-up for a one-month membership for the Reality Sex porn network. Not bad anymore, right? Given the fact that you are only going to pay for a one-month fee for a single porn site but you are actually going to get one-year full access to one porn site, and a one-month full access to all of the porn sites within the Reality Sex porn network!

Design and Features

The porn site operates on the premise that the girls are totally unaware of what they are about to experience. All they know is that they signed-up for a massage, that’s all. They don’t know that the massage therapist is going to seduce them, and more importantly, they are unaware that there are hidden cameras in the room. In this light, their theme follows this concept as well, with its dark and red-light theme. The banner is also a fun addition too. This is the first thing that you are going to see upon landing on the homepage, and it contains a picture of a woman getting turned on already. On the lower right side, the porn site reveals their “tools of the trade”: custom pheromone massage oil and erotic massage techniques.
Beneath the banner, you will already get to see the previews to their latest videos. Each preview contains a trailer and some thumbnails that show the most action-filled scenes that you will see in the video. And that’s it. Scrolling down, you’ll see a few previews more, and then after that, there will be an invitation for you to join for free.

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Girls and Videos

The charm of this porn site partly lies on the fact that you don’t know what type of girl you are going to see next because they are trying to stay true to the theme of their porn genre. However, there is no need to worry because you will not see any ugly ones here. All of the chicks that the massage therapists seduce are all certified beauties. In fact, because they did not have an exact type of beauty or nationality in focus, you can expect a vast selection of different girls. We are very impressed. We found it kind of difficult to believe at first because we have seen a lot of videos dedicated to this type of porn already which features “massage therapists” who obviously don’t know what they’re doing. It is so blatant that they are only acting! However, the massage therapists that you are going to see in these videos look like they really know what they are doing – so that’s a big plus. It also adds to the turn on rate of their videos.


In the end, if you are really into this type of porn then we really suggest that you go over there right now to sign-up. We are not in any way connected to the porn site, so we don’t really have an idea how long they are going to offer free membership. But even if you don’t enjoy this type of porn, we still recommend for you to sign-up because, in the end, it is still an offer too good to pass.

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