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One of the most entertaining gay porn sites nowadays, Kristen Bjorn has over a thousand gay porn videos in its collection that gay porn enthusiasts should not dare to miss. Speaking of which, pretty sure the same people who have been following gay porn videos already know how Kristen Bjorn started in the 80s before it became one of the best gay xxx sites of today.

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Design and Features

It took years before Kristen Bjorn finally launched a site of its own. Known as one of the most popular makers of gay DVD porn flicks in the 80s, Kristen Bjorn took a leap of faith and started producing film intended for the internet market to cope up with the advancing technologies. This brings us to the sleek and professional user interface of the site. The site logo is more improved now compared to how it looked during its first few years as a website. It looks more up to date and professional now. The site sticks to the neutral shades like black, white and gray. These monochrome colors add up to the manly persona of our models. You can also find different language options in the upper right corner of the screen, right next to the shopping cart icon. You can choose among English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. There is also the search bar tool sitting underneath the main menu.

The site consists of different pages based on what we can see on its main menu. The homepage section has the latest and freshest updates of these gay porn videos from Kristen Bjorn. It has a large banner covering the uppermost portion of the site, which showcases hunky men sucking and fucking each other. You can see that there is a great combination of European male actors here. Sitting at the lower part of the page are the list of models with their picture and name to give you a hint of what to expect in the videos. You can also find the highest rated and the most viewed videos on the homepage. If you scroll further down the page, you will also see an array of these male actors in the live sex section. I assume this list contains the available or online models for a live sex session at the moment. Aside from the homepage, there are also pages for the models’ profiles, behind the scenes, DVD movies, and photo galleries.

The video collection of the site is spread across two different sections. One is the Web series page, which contains videos that are intentionally produced for Kristen Bjorn. The number of videos in this collection is still running around a hundred and fifty. On the other hand, there is also a bigger collection, which is the Casting Couch series. This series features how the male porn actors were casted and brought into the spotlight. It has over 381 videos that are mostly duo and safe sex. The behind the scenes section also contains juicy videos and it is under the Makin’ It page name. All these videos are downloadable and are available in MP4 format. These MP4 files come in different sizes. There are sizes that are optimized for mobile phones like the 640×360 videos and the highest that you can get are the 1920×1080 videos. For the older videos, you will notice that there are also two sizes, 320×240 and 640×480. Streaming the videos is also not a problem since the site has a reliable flash player that can stream videos at 760×580 and 1000×580. The flash player’s size is also adjustable and you can watch the videos in full screen too. The photo gallery of the site is also filled with action. There are “behind the scenes” stills, movie stills, and solo stills whose sizes are available from 400×600 to 1365×2048. For a more user convenient experience, the site also offers slideshows for viewing the images.

Boys and Videos

There are a lot of European hunks to expect from the site. All of them are giving us an interesting sight with their big bulky muscles and large throbbing dicks. They are also awesomely good looking though, with chiseled jaw lines, deep set eyes, and pointed nose. Actually, it’s difficult to describe the guys in general because they come from different origins. There are Spanish, Italians, Eastern European and South Americans in the collection. Surprisingly, I also saw some guys from Israel and Azerbaijan, which I don’t normally see in some gay porn sites.

The videos that the site is offering come in very high quality. The contents were able to satisfy a wide range of people with different preferences. There are a lot of uncut cocks to see. Also, anal fucking and blowjob scenes are taken into a different level too. There are also interracial scenes, which are pretty much expected knowing the variety of models that we can find on the site. Cumshots and double penetration also rock the scenes and these guys do know how to drive their audience wild too.


Kristen Bjorn is a site that has got you covered in all your gay porn cravings. After browsing through the site and watching its videos, I felt really glad that the company made a website to catch a new market. The DVD scenes are also accessible in the site so if you happen to live in the generation where porn DVD videos are no longer in trend, you can luckily purchase some of Kristen Bjorn’s DVD flicks in their website. If you don’t feel like making an extra purchase, you can also watch the videos in the Web series. These videos are also as good as the DVD version and you can even download them too. With just a cheap membership price, you can get all these awesome finds without any problem. Not to mention, the models that you can find in the videos are also a plus to your awesome Kristen Bjorn experience.

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