Joy and happiness galore, as I have found a site that is nothing like the other porn sites today, boring, repetitive, with content that is more likely to make you shake your head in disbelief than make you aroused and make you cum. I am talking about Krissy4U, an Asian tgirl that will make your kinky dreams come true, with her cute face, her huge dick and boobs to match, and a very naughty attitude, one that likes exploring sex.

Design and Features

I have seen her site, and I have loved it from the first glance. That love came from the first thing I saw, and that was Krissy, stretched out from left to right on the top side of the page, in a giant image. The page itself is nicely designed, and the site has won many awards to date, being one of the great sites out there. It has a lot of previews, so you can see some of the content before actually joining, a nice thing to do. Though, joining does indeed grant you access to the actual videos, so that is something you should consider, especially having in mind all the perks that you would get for doing so. Apart from being able to use the search bar and a very nicely sorted videos gallery, you can also enjoy an experience which will have you surfing without any lag. Yes, you will not experience lag on this site, and you will indeed have yourself a good time, especially since it works on all the mobile devices, and it is optimized.

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Girls and Videos

I have watched the videos, and I could not have taken my eyes off Krissy for a long time, so long, in fact, that days must have gone by. Krissy is tall, with really nice and strong legs, legs that will hold down a partner that she is riding, or just have him inside her all the time. Her dick is nice and big, making for a great asset when fucking other men. Oh, she loves playing with her dick, and you can see that by the expressions on her face when she masturbates. That is something that she loves doing, and on daily basis, too, as there are many videos of Krissy in action, and seeing them can make any person horny, not just those who love tgirls. Public parks are a nice place to do so, putting dildos in that sweet ass. Public bathrooms are also a good place to have a quick fuck, especially if she is dressed like a slutty mistress. Krissy’s videos last at least 20 minutes and they are numerous, over 100. They are updated regularly and you can enjoy the content once you join. She has a lot of photos, too, so seeing those might make a believer out of you, and you will want for nothing more once you see Krissy and her toys, specifically the way she handles dicks.


Lust and passion is what could describe Krissy, when it comes to traits, though hardcore could fit in there, as well. When it comes to her looks, she does indeed look amazing, with a perky body, nice boobs, an ass that loves to be plowed and a lust for fucking that transfers to the viewers in such a way that it could make anyone become aroused and get to that point of no return. On Krissy4U, get your game on and enjoy your stay.

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