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Design and Features

Now what makes this site so different from the others, despite the fact that it hosts Jordan, is the fact that there is a lot on it to see, and even from the home page, you are able to witness the said content. The actual content lies in a different section, one that allows the members to go and see, only. The members are there with a reason, and you could be one of them, for a cheap fee. Becoming one is easy, you just need to follow the clear instructions, and you would be there very quickly. The site offers other ways of getting to the videos, such as using the search bar, which makes things a whole lot simpler, as do the sorting options. I also loved the browsing on the site, and the feel of it, as you get to experience absolutely no lag, and you also get to do so on the mobile devices. They are quite nicely optimized.

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Girls and Videos

Though, the technical part of the site is not even the tip of the iceberg, and you should know that, because once you see Jordan in action, you will not want to see another tgirl for quite some time, or any other girl, for that matter. Jordan is slim, and has that perfect body, fit and nice, with a very good ass, one that is perfect for a dick, and legs long enough to belong on a model. Her boobs are huge, and best of all, her face is really sweet and feminine, one that I loved looking at, simply because the most of her passion transfers from her face. Then, there is her dick, really a big thing, and she knows how to play with it, from the first moment she takes it, to the last, where she explodes. Playing with partners is also fun, and she does indeed love doing that, too, so seeing her plow somebody else is also not uncommon, and neither is her sucking on a dick. She does love dressing up, as well, and has a lot of high resolution photos in different kinds of clothes, from stockings to those of a really slutty mistress. The videos are in HD and they last 20 minutes, at least, not to mention that they are frequently updated, as are the photos, so that you can have a lot of content to look at, and it would be fresh, almost every time you log in.


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