The JeffsModels is a porn site that will fulfill the desires and dreams of the individuals who like it when a lady is enormous, with layers of fat on her body, and she has immense boobs and huge ass. The models of the site are all enormous and delightful ladies, and on the off-chance that your one of those who thinks that there is no such thing that a woman could be big and beautiful, than it’s necessary for you to check this site. There is a kind of magic working here, because a woman is the most beautiful when she’s turned on. It appears that this fellow, Jeff values the old principles, and he imparts the point of view of many guys who think that the bigger is the better, especially when it’s real, not silicone. Jeff’s models are all BBWs that implies that they Big Beautiful Women, and they are equipped for doing anything that their generally skinny opposites, the pornstars of nowadays. This webpage is online since the August of 2014, and the truth of the matter is that it’s not really a year old at this time. The first scene was added sometime then, and from that minute, there were customary uploads and the accumulation of the scenes grows reliably to this day too, and probably (hopefully) for many days to come. There are different updates every week, and as per the owner and the clients’ experience verifies that there are usually three videos and picture sets added each week. The site has a select porn compilation, however there is a fact that would eventually come to light if you start browsing the videos: all scenes are ought to be exclusive in the manner of online distribution, yet they all originate from DVDs that you may purchase online or in adult shops. This however shouldn’t generally disappoint you, because purchasing the DVDs is harder, and it’s obviously better to watch everything online or download to your computer. When you enter the site, you will end up in an ad-free zone. Since the site isn’t part of a network, there are no bonuses, however with the regular updates you won’t get bored on JeffsModels.

Design & Features

When you visit the JeffsModels, you will find that the tour page is really straightforward; some would say it’s excessively basic. There aren’t any menus, just a fundamental heading with a montage of some pleasant BBWs, and the login and join options are also located there. Under this montage, the site’s videos are listed: there is usually one large thumbnail and six others. Simply take a look at these photos and you can see that this site isn’t playing around regarding the matter of value, and it’s valid for the picture quality, as well as for the models here. The site’s outline is simple and alleviating, and the white foundation of the background is unwinding, thus you won’t get an inclination that you are doing something strange with glancing around on this site. Subsequent to the registration, the zone where you land will greet you with the same straightforwardness. There is a decisive, word-based searcher that can assist you with narrowing the list of scenes, however since there isn’t that much files here, you won’t generally think it’s vital, and you won’t miss an advanced search engine. Likewise, there aren’t tags or keyword filtering options for you. The JeffsModels provides boundless access to the whole collection. This implies that you can watch them on the web, or download them for your own BBW porn directory. Watching them online is a decent decision on the off-chance that you are among those fellows who don’t prefer waiting. The stream of the Flash-video files is steady and it’s pretty quick. The in-browser player is responsive; you won’t experience much buffering only when you open the stream, and the rest of the movie runs smoothly, the picture quality is very good. The download alternatives aren’t too varied, there are just MP4 files to choose from, and the main decision is you should made is do you want quality or you want to have an economic solution. There is one SD file, and two HD versions. All movies are accompanied by a pile of pictures, and in the event that you investigate them closely, you can see that there are photographs and vidcaps too. The collections are vast, there are usually nearly or over 500 files in them.

Girls & Videos

The JeffsModels could be viewed as a sort of fetish site in the light of the fact that it offers a kind of special interest, an affection for enormous bodies, which is also sort of worshipping. The sex taking place in the videos is arousing and diversified. The big beautiful ladies get fucked in diverse positions; and they give out sensual blowjobs, and a significant number of the videos are featuring threesomes and group sex (multiple couples doing it) along with a couple of BBW lesbian scenes. The models on the site are professional BBW pornstars, and if you like their performance here, do some search and try to find their other works, though it’s quite certain that you can find all of their movies on this site. Seemingly, most of the models are Caucasians, and they look really good, and they are not simply fat, they are without doubt enormous and wonderful chicks, with tight pussy and big breasts.