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As one of the finest fetish porn sites, InnocentHigh features fresh faces who show that they do not have to be smart in order to pass a grade. A gentle spread of their tempting thighs will most definitely get them ahead. Of course, there are things that cannot be taught, therefore, once the bell rings, InnocentHigh will treat you to free boners and throbbing pussies. Hard to resist? Read on to find out what the platform really has in store for you!

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Design and Features

Fetish sites are fairly common but this one has to take the cake. It welcomes you aboard with a one of a kind design and decent features that make your navigation here a breeze. The site is represented by high-quality movies as you should expect nothing less of the TeamSkeetNetwork. The flicks are 100% exclusive and do not falter in the way that they are presented. If anything, they are tempting and seductive, nudging you to click on that ‘play’ button.

InnocentHigh offers diverse videos that are of a mix 720p and 1080p resolution. Proving that the site believes in some admirable viewing moments. The porn site also has an archive of old movies. They may not embody HD clarity but they will make for pleasurable viewing moments. There are hundreds upon hundreds of scenes and a handful of extras to keep you going. The site also has a dependable update schedule, something that tells you, enjoyment here is truly inevitable.
You will be pleased with the rate in which InnocentHigh is growing. Accompanying the videos are great quality pictures that give you the sexy treatment that the scenes do. You know what they say about first impressions, they always last.

InnocentHigh does not let down in any way. It allows you to explore it through a memorable tour. Forget all about mediocre porn sites, this one ensures that you will always have something to look forward to anytime you are in the mood to get down and dirty. As expected, the videos boast of good download and streaming speeds. This means that you will be enjoying them in the shortest possible time. There are multiple download and streaming formats that are available in order for you to quickly access the scenes. Everything on the platform works for your enjoyment. When it comes to the high-resolution galleries, they can also be downloaded as zip files.

Apart from the impressive porn videos and galleries, the site also ensures that you remain in the company of the hottest amateurs through live cam chats. The search criteria that you are using does not matter, InnocentHigh will always pass the test.

Girls and Videos

Wondering what kind of models you need to keep an eye out for on the xxx scenes? Well if you love a fresh face, luscious lips, and wet pussies, you will be right at home. It does not matter what your sexual fantasies may be because these beauties will always find a way to conquer your world. For fresh faces, you will certainly be impressed by their agility under the sheets. InnocentHigh offers a mix of hotties from around the planet. You will get to enjoy everything from Asians, Europeans to girls who hail from the Czech Republic. You name it, you will find it here! InnocentHigh has done a brilliant job of choosing trowels who are capable of sweeping you off your feet every time you see them. The beauties are fond of showing off their nudity at every opportunity that they can get.

You will meet the likes of Melisa Swallows and Juda among others. Some of the models use their real names while others prefer the use of nicknames. Either way, you will not forget their faces or the sexiness that they bring on your screen. There are many fresh girls HD videos that will captivate you but ‘Chem class slut’ has to take the cake. If you have had fantasies of a naked girl performing a titration experiment then you can cross that off your bucket list because your fantasy has finally come true.

The fresh-faced brunette really has a seductive agenda and she captivates you in every way that she can. She clearly is alone in the laboratory and this gives her the opportunity to get into all kinds of naughtiness. With nothing but a pair of goggles on, she gets to work. The problem is that the only practical getting performed is that which involves getting your cock erect. Guess she is not so innocent after all!

Most of the action in InnocentHigh takes place indoor. Proving that these teachers and chicks are really far from fulfilling their education goals. The library and dormitories are also not out of bounds when it comes to getting down and dirty. It is clear that these fresh-faced beauties are at the wrong place at the right time. They really know how to get down!


InnocentHigh is every porn lover’s dream come true. The combination of fresh girl hardcore videos and totally slutty models who have obviously come with an agenda make it one of a kind. Overall, the site gets an A+ for effort and passion. There is no question about the level of pleasure that you will get here. Prepare to go back to your learning years because the portal shows us that the only course we did not make the most of was sex education. But no regrets! You can live vicariously through the models and go back to the days when a good, hot fuck is all that mattered.

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