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Have you ever got bored of multiple people in one frame when you are watching your porn video? Like too many cooks spoil the broth. How about if you just do not like men in your porn videos. The sight of them turn you off? Then you may be getting really lucky today. If solo acts are your thing then InFocusGirls is where you need to be to jerk off that cock of yours.

So, what is so special about InFocusGirls you wonder? To begin with you will only find yourself watching pink and hot pussies here. No unnecessary cocks to turn you off. In addition to that the girls on this website are just down right drop dead gorgeous. These are the kind of women you keep fantasizing about. Their bodies are to die for. One look at them and they will make your cocks throb.

The premise of almost all of these videos is the same. They all start gently to pleasure themselves and you, of course, and then slowly and gradually begin to get wilder and wilder. Some do it to themselves while some women help other women to pleasure them. Even if you are seeking for some really specific thing, say like playing with sex toys, some dirty and nasty peeing, do not forget some hardcore fisting action or how about some good old fashioned masturbation? Well you will find all of that sexy action, all in just one place with the best of the best girls getting into some sexy action only at InFocusGirls. And the quality of all the videos on the website is just going to make your experience on this website even more fun. So head on to InFocusGirls now.

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Design and Features

So the layout is something we fell absolutely in love with. Everything about this website is very feminine looking since there are only women featured on this website. The color scheme on this website is proof to how feminine this website is. The colors used are Pink and White. There is absolutely nothing that could go wrong with colors like these. They are elegant, they are beautiful and makes you want to browse on the website even more. The colors are very pleasant and easy on the eyes too. It is very evident that the creator of InFocusGirls has put in quite some effort and detail in to this website. They have done a fabulous job.

The user interface on this website is really simple and easy to use. They have kept the pages very clear and there is no clutter, so nothing will be overwhelming. The tour page begins with this really hot piece of blonde ass woman who you would just want to fuck real hard. She lays down on a beach chair showing off her ass to us. Right below you will find links to navigate to different parts of the website. The interesting part about the website was how the images and videos very placed categorically based on the fetish. So, if you are looking for some fisting action, you will find videos particularly with this fetish all placed under one section. This makes it easier to search for anything in particular, which makes the browsing experience a whole lot simpler. Upon scrolling down, you will also find a list of hot models and a list of all the top models that are featured on this website are there for your disposal. We are quite content with the whole layout and we are sure that you will be too.

Girls and Videos

Now, we arrive to the most anticipated part of the review. We have to talk about all the pussies and asses that InFocusGirls has got to offer. So, these guys at this web site have lined probably the hottest sluts you could think of. They have the perkiest of the perkiest tits, pussies so tight that you would want to fuck all night and asses that you would love to sink your faces into. And not just that, the fetishes that are featured on the website are just simple sexy. If you wanna see women really pleasure themselves by inserting a dildo up their ass and pounding themselves real hard then this will be there perfect place for you. They even have some sexy pussy stuffing action. These girls will spread their legs really wide and make that panty disappear right into their pussy. But that is not it, there are several countless number of videos with all different kinds of fetishes.

This site has a butt load of content to offer. They have over 1200 galleries and 1200 videos to offer. Since the site is almost decade old they have an extremely huge archive of content. It will take an eternity for you to have a look at all of these videos on InFocusGirls. So, the pictures are displayed in multiple resolutions. You will have them at either 800 x 533, 1200 x 800, or 2000 x 1333. The galleries can too be downloaded. They can be downloaded in a zip file format. But the fun does not end there for you! They have definitely not forgotten about the video fans. They will be really happy. At InFocusGirls, you can download videos in multiple formats. You can choose from WMV and MP4. Many of these videos are in full High Definition. You can also stream the videos directly using Flash player. They also have High Definition videos in MP4 format. Being displayed at 1280 x 720 at a 4 Mbit which is simply brilliant. Many of these videos can also be watched at 640×480.


So, to sum it all up, we do not think that there is any better website other than this in this genre. We mean, with the quality of service and videos and images they have to offer with the exquisite line up of girls on this website, does it get any better than this? At least we do not think so. And with their low rates of subscription, we do not know why are you still reading this and not heading there!

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