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IHaveaWife is a good pay porn site with cheating wives in sex videos. Cheating has been a very regular phenomenon in various families so you will have such kind of fantasies in this site. You got a dream of having your dream women in your house. Such kind of feelings makes many people marry so early. But you should have all you want in this site. IHaveaWife is all about cheating women and husbands.

Here you have a chance of enjoying high-quality videos that cover a niche that has been neglected by the majority of the porn sites. At times you have seen cheating women try to resist in pretence but in the real sense they want it, then this site explains such kind of feeling even better. You should at least get into this site to see what the cheating husbands do and how they get away with it. This site is a real reflection what happens on our daily life and how partners end up cheating.

Design and Features

IHaveaWife has got a great homepage and once you log in you well enjoy the nice page layout. But there is only one hitch when you log into this site you will have to go through all the updates from the Naughty America network. To get into the site you will have to click on the name of the page on the menu in the pop-up window at the far top of the page. The menu of the site will appear and you are good to view the content. Navigation throughout the site is very simple thanks to the very nice and simple to understand interface.

Girls and Videos

There are 329 episodes that have got very hot scenes. The videos here are in various qualities so it is you to decide which one you will watch. The good news is that the majority of the videos are in high definition. The 329 episodes can be streamed online using flash player, if you want to download the videos so that you can watch them later there are various formats that you can use including the mp4 files, windows medial files, and wmv. The best play backs are from the recently updated flicks and they look really great. The new flicks are ultra hd so you will have such a great experience. The hot scenes are about the kind of challenges married people meet for instance there are episodes where a girl seduces a married man, however, the man tries to protest he later accepts and they end up into an hard core action. The same thing happens in the opposite sex where young lads seduces a married woman and later have an amazing sex experience

You should check out the pictures too, they are a clear representation how the girls in IHaveaWife are pretty. There are 320 picture sets with 75 pictures each. The quality of the images is not that bad as they are clear crisp and well focused. They have no slide shows you just have to go through the whole photo content by manually scrolling one by one. But as well if you like some images and want to download or use them as screen savers you can have them as zip files.


IHaveaWife is part of Naughty America network, getting a membership you’ll join 39 Naughty America sites likeĀ Ass Masterpiece and Tonight’sGirlfriend. This is the home of very beautiful women that will make you dream a reality. IHaveaWife offers:

  • three days trial at $1.95
  • monthly price at $24.95
  • yearly subscription of $71.40Ā ($5.95/month)

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