Membership of Gagalicious also gets you into the other eight similar sites of the ‘Fucking Awesome’ network, with niches such as Hardcore Power Tools, Hardcore Smoothies, SoCal Porn Sluts, Solo Trannies, Spitstars, Will She Explode, and Tag Team Tranny, they’re sure to press the right buttons for you. Gagalicious itself features weekly updates of its exclusive 1080 HD videos, while there are daily updates somewhere across the whole network. In addition, the network has no DRM or other download restrictions and also regular live webcam shows. If you’ve been looking for the best porn in this particular genre, then you can stop surfing because at Gagalicious you’ve found it. Great looking girls, realistically hard face-pounding sex, and lots of delicious discomfort for the willing hotties, it’s an oral lovers wet dream. In this case it’s better than a dream because with the high quality movies you can see all the action as sharply as if you were there and watch it over and over again. And if that doesn’t give you the complete picture, their high-resolution images certainly will! Like most membership sites, the movies are made exclusively by and for them and there are no advertisements coming between you and the content. That alone is worth the membership, in my opinion.

Design & Features

Gagalicious aims to get you your porn fix as fast as they can so the feature fast streaming (7000 kilobytes per second) movies and quick downloads of their 5000+ DVDs. As well, their movies come in different quality levels to be sure your devices get what they need and in the fastest possible time. To assist in all this, they also they provide different movie formats (FLV, WMV, and MPG) to best suit your player. Not only do you get fast streaming and downloadable movies, you also get zipped high resolution photos so you have dozens of images to examine at close quarters in seconds of selecting the ones you want. Site design and layout is also intended to get you what you want when you need it. It’s a straightforward layout of header, content images and links, and footer. The header is a fixed gallery of four images of girl’s faces, sticky with cum and/or sucking on a prick, with the site name and three links – Join Now, Bookmark, and Member Login. Immediately below the header are thirty-nine raunchy pictures featuring models with pricks in their mouths and her name. The images have live links associated with them; if you’re a member you get to see the video, if not, you’re taken to the sign-up form. The footer is even simpler. It simply has a ‘Join Now’ link and links to the site’s admin pages and another Member Login. Probably the most popular kink on the web today is blowjobs and facials, every site includes them somewhere and somehow. This site specializes in them and that makes them really good at it. Also, the edginess that comes from deepthroating, and all the gagging you’d expect from that, makes the site even hotter for those of us who like some hint of dominance in our porn. The two together, power and blowjobs makes this a top of its league site, one you really need to visit to see for yourself. By the end of one of Gagalicious’s movies the girls are wet all over, damp eyes, sweaty skin, drooling mouths, sticky cum-drenched cheeks, and sopping pussies.

Girls & Videos

Gagalaicious’s girls are experienced stars that you’ll have seen on other sites and in other niches, gorgeous stars like Allie Haze, Aimee Addison, and Tyla Wynn, whose skill turns any scene into a raunchy masterpiece. The site’s archive includes around 5000 videos and they update every week so you’re unlikely to see them all no matter how hard you try. Five thousand movies of blowjobs needs some work to ring the changes but Gagalicious manages by increasing the level of embarrassment for each girl. For some it’s having her nose pinched while her mouth is full, for others it’s kneeling at her lover’s feet, eyes cast appealingly upward, other have their hair held tightly or hands held firmly behind their backs to limit their ability to move, while for some it’s having their head held and mouth thrust repeatedly onto his prick. Whatever it takes to bring the girl to a proper sense of her destiny. While Gagalicious presents only one aspect of sex but that doesn’t limit you because the other network sites fill in the gaps. Transsexuals are hot right now and the network has two sites that give us a glimpse into their wonderful world – ‘Tag Team Trannies’, where transsexuals are pleasured at each end by men or other trannies in steamy threesome action, and ‘Solo Tranny’, where transsexuals show you the advantage of having breasts and a cock when it comes to masturbation. Then there’s the ‘Fucking Awesome’ site itself where huge toys stretch every girl’s hole to the max, and double penetration by toys is an everyday occurrence, where medical instruments stretch pussies for our closer internal examination, and where fisting is something a girl does to herself just for fun.

Membership prices are approximately the same as other porn networks so that is something you should not be worried about.


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