If you are a fan of porn, then there are many sites that you should visit, and some of them are really good, but others, unfortunately, are very bad. A true fan of porn will know these sites, some from experience, others just by that first glance. Fortunately, there are many sites that you can enjoy, like this one, called FatAndChunky, where you get to see a ton of really good looking girls, who are fat, at the same time. These girls love hardcore sex, and you will see them doing just that, and more, since the site has a surprise or two waiting for you. 

Design and Features

After you get to the site’s homepage, you will see a very good design, one that strikes me as quite the thing to enjoy. This site has a nice gray and white background, one that does not distract you from the things that you want to see, namely, the giant banner at the top of the page. Yes, it has photos of the girls on the site, as well as a playable trailer to the site, that is, a video that you will surely love seeing.

What is more, the site has a good and useful menu bar, one that takes you straight to the content, and does not have the unessential buttons. Furthermore, below, you have much more previews, in other words, photos from the videos themselves, things that you can open and click, but, things that can bring you pleasure, even if you are not a member of the site. Becoming one enables you to find full feature videos and to enjoy a great bandwidth. The site allows you to search for content and find it in a second or less, and it works on the mobile devices, showing off that good optimization.

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Girls and Videos

This site has a variety of women in store for you and the only thing that they have in common is the fact that they are huge, with super-sized asses and stomachs that can take a lot of fucking. They love the cock, and you will see them doing the hardcore stuff, from the first moment to the last, giving you that joy of seeing someone who loves doing things passionately.

What is more, you will have a new video or set of photos regularly. The girls are amazing and you should check them out, especially since the quality of the videos is amazing, and the level of details is clearly visible.

The site has a lot of videos, over 50 of them, and with an average length of 25 minutes, you get to see them all and enjoy them, too. The site also has a collection of photos, over 5000 of them. You can enjoy those in the ZIP format if you plan on downloading them. The videos are also available for downloading, and you can do that in the MP4 and the WMV format. The site allows you access to 14 other sites, and more, for free, with just the one membership. If you want to, you could download the content of the other sites, too.


It becomes easy to get your orgasms with this site, you only need to give it a visit and start watching. What is more, with access to other sites, you get such a variety of content that it becomes impossible not to like something, let alone get an orgasm. This site is called FatAndChunky, and the big, hardcore girls will show you how to get that pleasure.

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