FakeShooting offers its members access to exclusive HD audition themed porn. Cute, innocent and hopeful models enter the FakeShooting studios in the hope of landing a lucrative modeling job. What they don’t know is that they have to fuck to get it, and the job will never come! These girls are taken advantage of for your pleasure and the results are all posted weekly on FakeShooting.

Design and Features

The site opens onto a sleek and professional looking site, with warm peach background tones accentuating the beautiful HD headshot photos of the girls on offer. The header at the top of the home page contains close ups of the beautiful models that are found on the site, as well as the name of the site set in a glittery title, emphasizing that these girls are here and willing to do anything to get famous. The site has clearly been developed by professionals, and there are plenty of useful features to optimize the users’ browsing experience. There is an advanced search feature, allowing the user to filter through the content, earmarked by the tagging system.

There is no download limit on FakeShooting, so you can download all of your favourite scenes to watch and enjoy over and over again. FakeShooting currently lacks a model index feature on their site, but the material is being constantly updated and this could be a feature that is added in the future. Additionally, there are no English subtitles available yet on the site, and there is a significant amount of dialogue between the would-be models and the cameraman. However, this is a site that is constantly being updated and this is something the developers may choose to add in a later update.

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Girls and Videos

These girls are surprised with the type of ‘audition’ they are expected to perform but have no problems getting slutty for the camera when they have to. The beautiful Eastern European chicks get on their knees and suck cock, they are bent over the desk and fucked hard like the sluts they are. They give excellent performances, and the results are posted online at FakeShooting for the members to enjoy. These sluts don’t realize that they aren’t getting a callback, and they are being exposed as whores online.

In the 62 scenes currently available on the site, over the course of 30 minutes, the girls are introduced, coaxed and encouraged to take off their clothes and suck cock and fuck like porn stars for the chance of employment at a modeling firm. These scenes are all available to stream in your browser with Flash player, or to be downloaded in Standard and High Definition in MP4 format. There is no download limit on FakeShooting, so you can save as many of your favourite scenes as you want.

Currently, the site promises regular weekly content updates. Included in the membership price is an AllAccessPass to the MMPNetwork, a network that focuses on ‘fake’ set-up porn. There are 6 bonus sites included with this pass.


To sum it up, FakeShooting is an excellent site that offers exclusive HD content in the ‘fake’ theme of porn. If you love reality porn or porn that is plot and dialogue heavy then this is the site for you. There are 6 additional bonus sites included in the MMP Network membership, drastically increasing the appeal of this site.

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